Call for Entry: Holiday Cup Show

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting our first ever online member shop for the holiday season, featuring the work of our ACGA exhibiting and associate members working in the theme of cups. Any kind of cup! Mugs, tumblers, glasses, goblets, beer steins, teacups, chalices.  As long as it is made from clay or glass, and you can drink from it, we want it for our show!  This event will be open to all ACGA members.

Our goal is to fundraise to help pay for expenses related to our new website, and start evaluating our website “shop” feature to see how effectively we can sell and market member work online. We are very excited to test this feature and we hope it can lead to an ongoing marketplace for ACGA artists.

We will be asking members to submit images of 3-5 drinkware items that will be in stock and available to ship within 48 hours of selling on the site, along with a short description and dimensions. You will be responsible for shipping the item to the customer within 48 hours of the item selling. We will be processing payments through the site. Artists will receive 65% of the sale, while ACGA will keep 35%.

We already have a number of participants from our community, including Sunshine Cobb, Kala Stein, Dave Strock, Sandra Torres, and  Avolie Glass. We encourage our Associate members to participate, even if you have limited experience selling online. We will be there to help you along the way and make it a great experience for everyone.
We still have details to work out, but if you are interested, please fill out this registration form so we can contact you with further details as soon as we have them.
Deadline for participation is October 21, so be sure to get that registration form in as soon as possible. Thank you for your participation!
New ACGA Exhibiting Member Sandra Torres

Sandra Torres


Dave Strock


Kala Stein


Sam Schumacher


  1. Beverly Crist
    Beverly Crist says

    Is there a deadline for submissions?

    • Ken Metheny
      admin says

      The deadline to fill out registration is October 21.

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