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“Edit Mode” Message on Profile

I added a message just below the pictures in the Profile that only appears when you are making Profile changes or additions.  It goes away once you successfully Update the Profile, but if the message doesn’t go away, you know that the Profile is not yet saved successfully.

This makes it easy to see when you have competed changes:  the only time you should see that message is when you are making changes to your Profile and they are not yet saved.  That is, if you don’t check the box below the message!  That box is the way the Profile knows whether to display the message or not, and will cause problems if you check it.

If the message remains even after you Update, something is wrong.  Don’t leave the page — just scroll down and find out what field(s) have a red error message.  Fix those and Update Profile again — the message should go away and your work will be saved.

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Profile Mandatory Fields — Likely Why Your Profile Updates Fail

When you are updating your Profile, especially the first time, you may not notice the mandatory fields. Some fields must be filled out or your Update Profile command will be rejected. Worse, you won’t see anything wrong unless you scroll down and look for a red error message. “I am interested in” is the most overlooked field. If not filled in and you think your Profile was accepted when it wasn’t, you will lose all the information you put into the other fields as well.

Website updates will generate an error if you don’t preface with “http://” first. There are other places where Profile validates your input and gives an error message if it doesn’t like your input. So long as you stay on the Profile screen, fix the errors, and Update Profile, your work will be preserved.

Please check your membership level (Exhibiting, Associate, etc.) and fill out all mandatory fields. Then Update Profile and scan/scroll back through everything to make sure no error messages are showing. They are hard to miss — they show up in bright red blocks. But you have to scroll down through all your fields to make sure none are hiding.

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How to Reset Your Password

If you have a password problem, but your Profile email is correct, you have a way to get a link for a new password. The website may take a few minutes to send the link email, but this will work for any bad password.

Try to log in, but instead of putting in your password, choose the “Forgot your password?” underneath the Login option. This causes an email to come to your registered email address with a link for a new password.

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Member Forum Posting

The ACGA website has an entire area devoted to your information, blogs, and events — the Member Forum.  There you can place blogs that any member can see and comment upon.  It allows you to add images to highlight your posting, and you can cut and paste most types of articles from other web content.


The member forum shows various categories on the menu.  When you are posting, please select a category that lines up with a menu choice so that your post will appear in the proper section.  Using a category that does not appear on the menu could result in your post never appearing to others, even though it is legitimately posted.


Note some categories are general “catch-all”.  If you have a clay technical question and use that category, your post is viewable under Technical Questions and under Clay Tech Questions.  However, if your question is not really applicable to clay or glass alone and you post it to the Technical Questions category, that is also the only menu item that will show your posting.


So use your posting categories so others will see your post and find it most readily. It’s best if you click the menu item where you expect your post to appear, to be sure it is working as you expect.

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Member Names and Usernames

Displaying 101–200 of 695  1 2 3 4 6 7
William Chase
Jennifer Cheng
Sylvia Chesson
Trudy Chiddix
Nancy Christie
Piper Christine
Yon Soo Chung
Andrea Ciak
Marna Clark
Jo Clarke
Sandra Cleisz
Julie Clements
Julie Cline
Meg Cocchi
Lisa Coffaro
Bonita Cohn
Devon Cohn
Holly Coley
Michele Collier
Paula Collins
Tom Collins
Larry Colvin
Naomi Stein Cooper
Annette Corcoran
Alice Corning
Cheryl Costantini
Pixie Couch
Cindy Couling
Peter Coussoulis
Peter Coussoulis
Diana Crain
Beverly Crist
Flora Cruells Benzal
Brence Culp
Laurie Curtis
Vicky D'Urso
Marcia S. Dalva
Andrea Dana McCullough
Andrea DanaMcCullough
Tamara Danoyan
Eliane Davidovich
Maria De Castro
Kate de Renouard
Tom Decker
Russell DeHaven
Marisol Del Rio Seaman
Marc Demian
Leland Dennick
Dan Dermer
Dan Dermer
Andrew DeWitt
Suki Diamond
Michael Dickinson
Natasha Dikareva
Charlene Doiron Reinhart
Potters for Peace Don Hall
Joshua Dopp
Augusta Dorman
Christy Tidmarsh Dougherty
Wendy Draper
Jude Dunbar
Marie Dungan
George Dymesich
George Dymesich
Craig Easter
Ruth Easterbrook
Jason Edmonds
Chris Efstratis
Martin Ehrlich
Maureen Ellis
Maureen Ellis
Nina Else
Mari Emori
Gerald Epperson
Kate Eresian Chenok
Skip Esquierdo
Irene Estrin
Glenn Evans
Bobbi Fabian
Sandra Farmer
Mary Fassbinder
Sandy Feder
Susan Felix
Guo Feng
Kathryn Schoensee Finn
Doris Fischer-Colbrie
michele fisher
Linda S Fitz Gibbon
Lisa Fleming
Candise Flippin
kevin ford
Rita Forman
Christopher Fortin
Tina Fossella
Displaying 101–200 of 695  1 2 3 4 6 7
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E-Mail Updates

Most information in your Profile can be changed with the Edit Profile drop-down from the gear icon on your summary page. However, e-mail is an exception. Under the same gear icon is a “My Account” option. That does allow you to change your e-mail. If you change your e-mail, please inform the ACGA membership coordinator so that person is aware that your e-mail needs to change on future correspondence.
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The core of your membership information is in your User Profile.  Under Members, you can scan all the profiles.  You can only update yours, however.  The little gear icon on the right side of the Profile gives a drop-down menu of options you have.  “Edit profile” takes you into the master screen, allowing you to update your full Profile.   When done editing, you are returned to the “view-only” version of the Profile, unless you didn’t satisfy some of the requirements for the update to succeed.  If that happens, you are in the “edit” version of the Profile.  They look quite similar, but if you scroll down through the Profile, you will see a red warning message if you are still in edit mode and an entry was not accepted.  Once you fix the error and submit it again, you should clear the problem.  Scroll down one more time to be sure.  Once accepted, your changes show up and “Update Profile” is no longer an available option at the bottom.   It is important to keep your Profile updated.  Features such as Shows and Work Images are important for others to see, and keeping them updated gives others chances to see your highlights.  Show off! On your main Profile, you also show off by loading a portrait picture (the small round picture) and a background picture (the long rectangular spot).  The portrait will be usually a small file size, but the background picture can be larger — in fact, a panoramic type picture works the best because the width is a lot more than the height.   Ken Metheny is the website coder.  If you have any issues, contact him at
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