Artifacts: Oceanside Museum of Art

  • Hours: Tues, Wed, Sat 11–5 Thurs, Fri 11-8 pm, Sun 12-5

A curated exhibition of clay, wood, metal, fiber and glass “artifacts” created by selected Allied Craftsmen members, including ACGA artists Cheryl Tall and Maria DeCastro, and inspired by the book Station Eleven. Many of the themes in this novel revolve around the “artifacts” of a recently collapsed early 21st century Western society. 20 years after the fall, preserved objects invoke joyful memories and baffled curiosity. In this exhibition, curated by Nancy Bergmann, members of the Allied Craftsmen explore artistic interpretations of commonplace objects that give viewers the experience of artifacts from another time or place. Artwork in a wide variety of forms and materials converge to create a collection of curiosities that inspire viewers to wonder what strange and wonderful world these objects may have come from.

Show runs February 17- July 8, 2018


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