Birdie Boone: 3 Day Hands On Workshop

  • Workshop cost is $325 plus a $25 material fee
  • This workshop is for late beginner to advanced.
  • $25 materials fee is waived for ACGA members.

During this 3 day workshop, Birdie will demonstrate her hand building methods, share what motivates her own formal and technical decisions, and lead discussions on how ceramic materials and processes can ‘follow’ meaning/metaphor. Participants will learn to make hand building aids/tools including bisqueware/greenware bullet molds, hump molds and simple 1 or 2 piece press molds. During hands-on portions of the workshop, do everything from designing forms and creating paper templates to designing prototypes (and making the molds) for press-molded objects such as spouts, handles, and feet. Birdie will also present an introduction to color development in glazes.

This workshop is hosted by Linda Fahey at Yonder Shop.
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