Hayne Bayless: Happiness is a Warm Extruder

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The Potters’ Studio,  1221 8th Street, Berkeley, CA   94710      (510) 528-3286.

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Cost: $250 (PS members & PS students $225)       Limited enrollment

July 27–28, 2019

In this two-day, hands-on workshop we’ll explore extrusion and slab techniques as they relate to making functional stoneware. Our approach will be to let the processes show in the work; if we stay out of clay’s way, it will reveal its true nature and our results will be fresh and lively. We will work with unconventional forming methods and unusual approaches to surface decoration – myths will be busted and secrets revealed. Topics include: combining extrusions and slabs; making hand tools and brushes; latex resist decoration; cutting and printing with stencils made from Tyvek; colored slip inlay and stretched slabs; the basics of making custom extruder dies. This workshop is designed for both throwers and hand-builders with at least some experience working with clay.

Hayne Bayless makes hand-built stoneware pottery in Ivoryton, CT. Other than lessons from a potter in Tokyo and a handful of classes and workshops, he has managed to avoid any formal instruction in ceramics. He abandoned wheel-throwing early on, preferring the freedom of hand-building afforded by slabwork and extrusions. His interest in clay began in high school and he worked independently learning from Bernard Leach’s A Potter’s Book. After a college career that spanned 4 schools and 7 attempted majors over 12 years, Hayne emerged with a degree in journalism. He worked as a newspaper reporter and editor in New Haven for 10 years. In 1992 he quit the newspaper and returned to working in clay. Hayne has been awarded the top prizes at two of the country’s most prestigous craft shows: the Smithsonian Craft Show in Washington, D.C. and the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. He teaches workshops all over the US and abroad.