Julia Feld: Sculptural Teapots


For centuries, teapots have been made out of clay in different forms and shapes, but served the sole purpose of tea making. In the 20th century the teapot was transformed into a decorative, sculptural, collectible item. During this workshop we are going to focus on artful, sculptural teapots and their meaning. Students will be able to create a decorative teapot by using hand-building techniques: soft-slab and coil building. They will learn how to design and make templates in order to build any kind of shapes. During the course students will explore the conceptual and technical aspects of the teapot-making process. Various elements will be considered and explored – the body, lid, handle and spout – all has to fit together into a unified whole.

Julia Feld, a San Jose, California artist, was born and raised in Russia. After moving to the US she developed a highly personal style that incorporates narrative painting and ceramic sculpture in one work of art. She paints on clay with underglazes and creates an illusion of interchangeable reality. She explores psychological and emotional issues of a deep personal nature. Julia is an alumna of the Artist in Residency program at Sonoma Ceramics and has taught here on multiple occasions. She received her BFA in Spatial Arts, from San Jose State University, California and MFA in Visual Arts, Ceramic Sculpture, from University of Cincinnati, Ohio.

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$20 materials fee due at time of registration covers your first bag of clay, firing, and glazes.

Ages 18+

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