Sunshine Cobb: Exploring Handbuilt Pottery

  • Workshop cost: $195 $175 (Members)
  • NOV 5 & 6, 2016, SAT 10AM-4PM SUN 10AM-2PM

Sunshine’s workshop will motivate students to experiment with new and old methods of construction.  This workshop is geared toward creative expansion, a process-over-product mentality that beginners to advanced students will be inspired by.  Sunshine likes to encourage students who try these new and old hand building techniques a progress-over-perfection mantra.  The demo will include coil and pinch methods to hard and soft slab construction to generate pottery components.  She will speak to the building surface through the making process and discuss the glaze and surface treatment of her work.

Sunshine’s work is very much based in the tradition of historic ceramics although she is a modern potter with contemporary themes in her work.  She will talk about inspiration and how abstract concepts make their way into her work and how to foster similar insertion into your own creative practice.  All levels, hands-on.

This workshop is hosted by Sonoma Community Center.
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