Sunshine Cobb: The Art of Form and Function

  • Workshop cost: $80.00 - CAG Members $40.00 - ClayPeople/Trax $70.00

In this one-day workshop, Sunshine will hand-build a pitcher and a garlic box and wheel throw a few bowls and cups. Her attention to design and form will be discussed and observed during the workshop; as well as humble and witty conversations on her beginnings in Ceramics. She will cover how she applies glaze decorations and post-firing enhancements. As she demonstrates all the stages of making her functional forms, there will be a discussion of the various aspects involved, from the technical to the aesthetic to the conceptual. There will be a slide talk to discuss her influences, history and proposed trajectory in clay. Sunshine was a resident at the Archie Bray Foundation and received her BA in Studio Art from CSU Sacramento and then an MFA from Utah State University, under John Neely. Lunch will be provided by the Clay Arts Guild. Co-sponsored by Walnut Creek Clay Arts Guild, Clay People and Trax.

This workshop is hosted by the Walnut Creek Center for Community Arts.
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