Whitney Smith – One Day Workshop: The Business of Clay – January 26, 2020, 10am–4pm


You love clay so much that you’ve decided to live the dream and make it into a business. How can you take your expertise at making beautiful ceramics and translate that into a profitable business that will support your passion for pottery? Whether you want to turn your ceramics into a side hustle or a full-time gig, set yourself up for success by taking the workshop Business of Clay.

Whitney Smith, a potter with over 20 years of experience selling her pottery full-time, will teach this one-day workshop.

 Topics will include:

  • The reality of turning your passion into a money-making enterprise.
  • The details and costs of pottery production and writing up a basic business plan.
  • Getting a business license, resale number, and business insurance.
  • Get comfortable with numbers by making a budget while tracking income and expenses.
  • Scaling up, raising money, hiring employees, and growing your business.
  • Marketing, social media, and connecting with customers.
  • Marketing, selling and customer service.

  Cost: $150      (PS members & PS students $125)  

For further information, contact: events@berkeleypottersstudio.com

Register online at: https://www.berkeleypottersstudio.com/workshops

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