Whitney Smith: Selling is an Art – Booth Merchandising and Selling for the Holidays (or anytime): Sept. 21, 10am–3pm

Cost: $100     Limited enrollment

Call The Potters’ Studio to sign up: 510-528-3286 or register online: https://www.berkeleypottersstudio.com/workshopsandclasses/sellingart

Making pottery is fun and puts our creative skills to work, but selling pottery while interacting with potential customers can be challenging for artists and highlights our uncertainties around selling. But most artists have to sell their own work, and buyers of handmade pottery want to make a direct connection to the artist who made the object they are purchasing.

Smooth the path between maker and buyer by using your creative and problem-solving expertise to design eye-catching booths and tempting displays that boost sales and turn merchandising into a creative project.

Learn to hone your observational skills to determine your customer type and motivate them to buy from you. Figure out how to price your work that takes into account your time and materials, but also the psychological threshold that happens in customer’s minds.Mastering the art of selling takes time and experience, but you can quickly learn a few basics that you can immediately put into action at your next sale to make you feel like you are not just an artist, but an artist who successfully sells their work.

Whitney Smith has been a potter for over two decades, working out of her studio full-time since 2000. Whitney’s work has been shown and collected across the United States as well as internationally. She has been invited to be an artist-in-residence in Japan and France, and has lectured and been interviewed extensively in print media and online about her life as a working artist. She resides in Vallejo, California.