Did you know that the 1st Annual National Clay Week is coming up? National Clay Week is about connecting and getting people involved in the experience of clay, and there are daily activities and ways to participate that look to be fun– as well as challenging. If you are an artist working in clay, we encourage you to participate in any way you can.

There is a theme and way to be a part of the program every day between October 10-14th:

  • October 10: Using Handmade: think about your handmade object out in the world, collect and share these stories along with pictures and videos of the objects.
  • October 11: Clay Conversations: a day of conversations with ArtAxis potters via Persiscope.
  • October 12: Collaboration and Development: collaboration can open your creative process up to new possibilities and relieve any creative blockage you might experience. Join other artists on Day 3 of National Clay Week to learn, explore, and understand how other artist use Collaboration to develop their creativity. Submit photos and videos of collaborative clay projects to have them featured on Tumblr and Instagram.
  • October 13: Nuts and Bolts: manufacturing process, tool-making, how to make a rubber mold, and so much more!
  • October 15: Community Outreach: uniting through the material of ceramics.

There are many more details on the National Clay Week website and Facebook page. If you particpate, be sure to hashtag your posts with #ACGAartist and mention us on Instagram @theACGA. Happy National Clay Week from the ACGA!