Potters for Peace is a US-based non-profit that works in two clay-related fields: working with subsistence potters in Central America and working throughout the world to assist with the establishment of factories that produce ceramic water filters.

This year in conjunction with Adamah Clay Studios in Dodgeville, Wisconsin two potters from Nicaragua, Douglas Lopez and Carlos Espinoza who work with Potters for Peace are teaching a low temperature wood firing workshop. This workshop will be an immersion into the low fire techniques used among potters in Nicaragua.

Build a kiln shed and kiln:  Join Potters for Peace for a 10-day work trip to Nicaragua.   This working brigade will be building a mani kiln and kiln shed for the community workshop at La Naranja, a pottery community near the town of San Juan de Limay. The kiln shed will be a traditional “rancho” pole construction with a clay tile roof.

Cost:  $900 per person.  Trip includes all costs except airfare and personal purchases.  Meals, accommodations, and pickup/drop-off at the airport are included.

Read more about this project and Potters for Peace at their website,  PottersForPeace.com