Your website is your portal to customers. If more customers visit your site and see your work, that’s great for your business. I am Ken Metheny, the Owner of Metheny Systems Consulting, and I am a WordPress Web developer. I built this site for ACGA, and I really enjoy working with the artists I’ve met through ACGA. Having built the ACGA website and worked with some of you, I understand your needs. And I know how to let you be the creative control behind your website!

Maybe you are satisfied with your website but could use some help, or perhaps you would like a total make-over. Either way, I invite you to a free consultation to see what I can do for you. Consultations are by phone or electronic meeting via computer–your choice.

Why Update Your Website?

Most artists I’ve met through the ACGA just want to make their art and not hassle with computers. Is your website one of those things you don’t like to hassle with? Then build it on a strong platform that is easy for you to mange and update. I can help do the behind-the-scenes work that makes it rank higher in the search engines so customers find you first. I can put in features that makes it simple for people to buy your work and stay in touch with you.  We can make sure your site looks great on the computer AND on phone screens.  Even if you are happy with your site, with a free consultation, we can see if I can help you make your site even better.

Why WordPress?

I can help with other website systems such as SquareSpace, Weebly, and WIX, but I concentrate on WordPress development because it boasts of owning nearly 25% of Web platforms in use. That gives it a huge library of features that can be added on. If you want to sell online, eCommerce can be added on in a day. Want a whole new look to your website? A theme change can give you an entirely new image without having to rebuild your site. Want to add a blog, newsletter, or social media gallery? WordPress has all of these features that are regularly updated and will seamlessly integrate into your website.

You Have Control

I will explain everything I set up, and make sure you have the knowledge to take over at any time. And unlike a lot of developers, I will stick around and give you any tech support you need. , some developers don’t, and if you are concerned that I would not be available later, you’ll have everything you need to take your site elsewhere. In fact, I’ll insist on it. Your site must be truly yours. I will be your partner, and keep no secrets. If you’d like nothing more than a teacher or mentor, I’m happy to help.


I can be reached by phone or text at 630-885-7700. Please tell me who you are when you leave a message, how best to reach you and when is most convenient. Also my email is Mention that you are an ACGA member for the free consultation. My rates are normally $50/hour, but I will also quote specific prices for specific tasks that we can negotiate.

Ken Metheny
630-885-7700 (Cell)