This month marks my last as ACGA President, I am leaving after three years of hard work and great learning, both about ACGA and about myself as a maker, and as a member of this great organization. I am beginning to see so many positive changes in this organization due to the very hard work of our members, both old and new. Our website has developed into an up-to-date and interactive banner that represents ACGA with all of the professionalism our organization warrants. Through the website we host a forum, sales, articles written by members, and so much more. Its streamlined look and ease of accessibility have proven to be a great introduction to our organization for new members, and a tool for existing members to use and take pride in.

When I started as president our Palo Alto show was undergoing major changes, and we were in a temporary two-year relocation at Rinconada Park, all while looking for new show management. Kudos to our festival committee for finding Giant Creative, and to Giant for doing such a fantastic job as communicators and show promoters; they have made incredible partners in this endeavor! And this year will certainly be an exciting one as it is our 25th anniversary. Come to our get-away in January if you want to be involved in planning our big 25th celebration at PACG!

Another fantastic change that has occurred in the last three years has been the addition of our online jury process for exhibiting membership. This change, while hard fought, became a catalyst for a new way of thinking that made way for our our website upgrade, new digital jury, and a general push toward a position that will allow for a re-branding of sorts in the future of ACGA. It is my hope that as I move on to new roles within the ACGA we will continue to focus on the future of this stellar organization by developing an identity that speaks to of the up-and-coming artists and trends in our fields of clay and glass. I envision a future where we are able to simultaneously return to our roots of education, while working to keep up with, and even innovate in the development of new trends in the sales and business practices of the craft world. As we continue develop we hope to be the place that EVERYONE turns when seeking to develop a career as a studio artist in California.

Inclusive, Informative, Innovative, and exciting, it is the future of ACGA, and the future of California Craft; let’s make sure we do our part to lead the way! Get involved, volunteer, make suggestions; it’s your ACGA!

Thanks for a wonderful 3 years!

—  Forrest Lesch-Middelton