The ACGA jury recently convened to evaluate the latest applicants for ACGA Exhibiting Member status. It is always exciting to welcome new members and get a look at their work. We are very pleased to welcome the following new Exhibiting Members, congratulations to them!

Siobhan Hughes, glass: Hughes is a native of Switzerland and currently lives and work in Piedmont, California. “As an artist I find inspiration in both the natural and human-made environment, from endangered animals to graffiti, and everything in between. I make a wide range of work, focusing on functional objects with fine art elements, my current obsession being vessels.”


Scott Jennings, clay: Jennings has many years of experience teaching ceramics and currently teaches at Ruby’s Clay Studio, Higher Fire Studios, and at Clay By The Bay. “I am interested in utilitarian vessels and find that they provide endless avenues to explore form and surface design. I strive to make pieces that are visually stunning and that have friendly tactile qualities. Ultimately I hope that the user contemplates how ceramics with unique characteristics can fit into and enhance their daily routines.”


Ellen Sachtschale, clay: Ellen has been working in clay since she was fourteen years old and teaches workshops regularly throughout Northern California. “I often use the pod as metaphor for life because of its simple beauty and the unseen potential of the seed within.”


Robert Kahl, glass: Kahl has over two decades experience as a glass artist and works in a rural community in the Sierra Nevada foothills. “Each and every piece consumes me throughout its process. From finding a creative path to the skillful use of technique, manipulating glass is like playing a game of chess. Each move must be thought out well in advance in order to achieve masterful execution.”



Deborah Bridges, clay: Bridges is a native Californian and has been a full-time artist for 30 years, with a background in stone carving and bronze sculpture. “My figures point to an edge that doesn’t exist, the edge between human and spirit. I am always striving to capture the moment where Spirit and matter meet in the human experience. It is an intention that challenges me and thrills me every time I put my hands to the clay.”


Kris Marubayashi: Marubayashi is a sansei (third generation Japanese American) born and raised in New York and now based in Sacramento, California. “With clay, the combinations are endless, as are the challenges. Working with clay is like life: you have to pursue your passions, be in tune with your surroundings, relish the unexpected, appreciate the little things, and love what you are doing each minute.”