Claudia Tarantino and Bill Abright, both exhibiting members of the ACGA, will be showing new sculptural work in a joint show at Derik Van Beer’s Roscoe Ceramic Gallery in Oakland in a show called Claudia Tarantino, Porcelain Stories and Bill Abright, Constructed Figures. It opens this evening, April 6th, as part of Oakland’s First Friday art event and gallery tour and will close April 28th. The opening features a reception for the artists.

Tarantino and Abright, a long-time couple with two grown children, work out of the same 3-story hillside studio in San Anselmo. They create finely crafted sculpture that is expressive, thoughtful, and at times even whimsical. Playing against each other with Tarantino’s quietly evocative and refined trompe l’oeil scenes depicting moments of personal family history and Abright’s loose and colorful assemblage of abstract figurative sculptures, the show is sure to be a spirited testament to each artists independent search for beauty and order in the chaos of the manmade and natural world.

More information about gallery hours and location are available here.