A self-guided travel to Korea visiting ceramics friends got me thinking I should share my experience with other ceramics enthusiasts, professionals and friends. Hope you can join me in the all-inclusive tour in South Korea visiting ceramics related sights, and to earn from local masters in their craft. Just meet me in Seoul, I’ll take care of the rest for the duration of the tour.

Fee: $3500, includes meals, lodging and travel fees. PLUS:

  • Group exhibition with local artists group in Yeoju
  • 1-day workshop with @moondobang, master potter
  • 5-day wood fire workshop with @youngtaek_shin, Tea Master and kiln builder
  • 1-day Naked Raku workshop with @young.soo.kim, Naked Raku artist and Raku kiln builder
  • Seoul sights
  • Busan sights
  • Icheon Ceramics Village