ACGA All-Member Meeting Minutes

10 a.m. – 12 noon, January 28, 2023 via Zoom

 Present: Cheryl Costantini, Mari Emori, April Zilber, Sally Jackson (recorder), Susie Rubenstein, Ren Lee, Lee Middleman, Trudy Chiddix, Jan Schachter, Joe Battiato, Chris Johnson, Emil Yanos, Sonja Hinrichsen, Vicki Gunther, Iver Hennig, Barbara Prodaniuk

I. Welcome (Cheryl Costantini, Outgoing President)

Cheryl welcomed everyone and said that it has been an honor to serve as ACGA’s president for the past four years. Her goals as president were to make the organization more relevant to a wider array of clay and glass artists, particularly younger artists; to eliminate the hierarchy of exhibiting and associate members in favor of one general membership category; and to improve ACGA’s means of communication through its newsletter, social media, and email. The Board is grateful for all Cheryl’s hard work in realizing these goals. Thank you, Cheryl!

II. Announce election results and elect officers

We received 77 ballots in this year’s election. Three of our incumbent board members were reelected for another two-year term: Mari Emori, Emil Yanos, and Joe Battiato. Four new board members were also elected: Barbara Prodaniuk, Iver Hennig, Vicki Gunther, and Sonja Hinrichsen. Welcome, new board members!

The Board elected the following officers:

President: Mari Emori

Vice-President: (vacant)

Treasurer: April Zilber

Secretary: Sally Jackson

III. New President’s Message (Mari Emori)

Mari has been a member of ACGA since 2018 and has served on the Board since 2021. Her studio is part of the Berkeley Potter’s Guild. She is looking forward to serving as our new president.

IV. Introduction of New Board Members

Barbara, Sonja, Iver, and Vicki gave short introductions of their work and their involvement with ACGA.

V. Communications Committee (Ren Lee)

There are important new ways for members to communicate now:

  1. ACGA’s GoogleGroup: All ACGA members are encouraged to use our GoogleGroup. The address is <>. Any information sent to this address will immediately be emailed to all members who are enrolled in the group. Emil or April will enroll new members when they pay their dues. This is an excellent way to post last-minute announcements, equipment sales, or anything else of clay and glass interest to our members.
  2. Instagram & Facebook: When you post on these social media platforms, tag the ACGA (@theacga) and it will be reposted on ACGA’s feed.
  3. Website: There are now two new menu items under “For Members” on the ACGA website (
    1. Submit an Event to the ACGA Calendar allows you to put events on a master calendar that can be viewed by other members and the public. This is a good way to publicize your sales, workshops, open studios, and so on. Be sure to include your full name in the TITLE, and submit the full address of your event.
    2. Submit a Post to the ACGA News allows you to enter information that will appear in the monthly newsletter. These posts can be announcements, articles, notices of awards or recognition, etc. Your full name must be in the post title. Please submit well ahead of the 10th of each month in order to be included in that month’s newsletter. The newsletter goes out to our members as well as our mailing list of 6000+ names. It is a great way to get information out.

VI. Membership (Emil Yanos)

            Renewals should have ended on December 31, but there were some glitches this year that kept some from renewing. At this time we have 270 members. Quite a few of our older members have opted not to renew. Emil is also working on integrating how new members become part of the GoogleGroup and MailChimp, and how non-renewing members get taken off. Discussion focused on how to attract and keep members. Some attendees feel that glass gets marginalized because clay artists outnumber glass artists.

 VII. Treasurer’s Report (April Zilber)

            Our total assets at the beginning of the year were $95,000. Our net income for 2022 was $4000. In 2023 we estimate a net income of $2300 unless our administrative expenses increase. April has served as Treasurer for over 20 years and would like to step down. She will offer training to anyone who can replace her. This job pays $300 monthly.

 VIII. Festival Update (April Zilber)

Festival applications will go out to festival-eligible artists soon. Artists who become festival-eligible in the next jury in March will not have to pay late fees. April is looking for more non-board members to serve on the Festival Committee. We will not have the Artist’s Showcase this year, but Barbara Prodaniuk proposed some way to recognize outstanding work, such as Best-in-Show ribbons for both clay and glass.   We will probably be able to have the Artist Party in the Sculpture Garden. Clay-for-All is under negotiation.                        

IX. Call for Festival Demo Artists: Joe Battiato

If you would like to present a demo at this year’s festival, please contact Joe (

 X. Jury (Chris Johnson)

The next jurying deadline will be in early March. Chris has worked tirelessly to create an improved protocol for online jurying, which is quite different from live jurying. Please contact Chris if you would like to serve on the upcoming jury (

XI. Exhibitions

  1. NCECA 2022

            Gallery Expo: In March 2022, Sacramento hosted the NCECA Conference “Fertile Ground”. ACGA was chosen among many applicants to be part of the onsite Gallery Expo. Mari Emori organized our sales booth at the conference featuring 16 ACGA artists. Attendance was excellent and total sales were almost $19,000. Everyone who contributed time and work to this project is much appreciated!

            In Hand, By Hand: Jan Schachter and Sally Jackson organized an ACGA sale that took place just before and after NCECA as part of the East Bay Clay Routes Tour. Potter Mary Law juried 13 ACGA clay artists who showed their work in a beautiful space donated to us by Brushstrokes Studio in Berkeley. Attendance was good but sales were slow.

            Seismic State: California Ceramics: Jan and Sally also organized a full-scale exhibition at the Sparrow Gallery in Sacramento during NCECA. Juror Beth Ann Gerstein (Executive Director, American Museum of Ceramic Art) invited eight artists and chose work by 34 more from more than 200 applicants. Cynthia Lou, owner of the gallery provided huge support and expertise in mounting the show. Attendance was very good.

2. Exhibitions future: We definitely need to expand our exhibition opportunities now that pandemic restrictions are lifting. Jan is always looking for new suggestions, so please contact her if you know of a space that is available (

The meeting adjourned at 12:15 pm.

 Next meeting: Monday, February 13, 5:30 pm via Zoom