I came into ceramics almost by accident.  Due to the recession in the early 90’s I was without a job and looking for an activity to fill my days.  I found Ruby’s Clay Studio on one of my neighborhood walks.  I signed up for a class and was hooked.  I took several more classes and began to experiment, working part-time, after work and on the weekends, mostly throwing and making functional work.  

I went into hand building after years of throwing because I developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from my day job.  With a new aesthetic and a new set of skills, my work eventually emerged into what is more intrinsically me, which is mostly rough with a few smooth edges.  On my second try, I was finally juried into the ACGA Clay and Glass Festival.  

Being part of ACGA raised my awareness to the possibilities of clay and glass.  I joined ACGA because I wanted another venue show my art.  I found that without ACGA, that venue and the opportunities that come with it wouldn’t be there, so I volunteered to help this organization provide what I was looking for.  I started as the Membership Coordinator and continue that role as a board member.

I still work out of Ruby’s Clay Studio, creating textured sculpture that is mainly hand built but sometimes thrown and have fully recovered from CTS.  I no longer have a day job, I have an activity to fill my days and some of my nights.