Attendees: Board members: Forrest Lesch-Middleton, Gerald Arrington, Jo

Killen, Fred Yokel, Whitney Smith, Bonita Cohen, Julia Feld, Bill Geisinger, Lee

Middleman, Wesley Wright, John Pratt, Kala Stein. Guests: Vivien Hart, Sally


A warm welcome to new board members Kala Stein, John Pratt, and Wesley


Next Meeting

SF Presidio Public Library, 3150 Sacramento St., San Francisco, Wed, March 9,

2016, 7:00-8:45PM.

Correction to Jan 17, 2016 Board Meeting

Vote: Kathie Pallie was voted in as the interim VP.

Start 7:10 PM

Action: The board unanimously approved the January 17, 2016 minutes.

Action: Bring brochures from storage to next meeting. (Vivien H. will contact Erin


Exhibitions Report

ACGA has been invited to create a Southern CA members show at the Muzeo

Museum and Cultural Center in Anaheim that will open Nov 12th at the historic

Carnegie building. Jan S. is working with Beverly Crist and another Southern CA

member on the show.


Lee M. presented the draft budget for 2016. A key board responsibility is to

balance the budget: therefore the board spent most of the meeting reviewing the

draft budget. The discussion included income topics ranging from membership

dues, jury fees, ACGA sponsored workshops, and festival income. The new

website will have space for ads. John P. who is the general manager of Clay

People, offered to co-sponsor ads with ACGA.

Action: Add a line for website ads to the budget spreadsheet. (April Z.)

On the expense side, the board reviewed donations, awards, promotional

expenses, party, and the new web site design. Whitney gave us a preview of the

wonderful new design, functionality, and costs for completion.

The board will complete the budget process at the next board meeting.

CGA Jury

Julia F. noted that the jury is full for March. Note that jury fees are non-


Social Media

John P. discussed Periscope, a new twitter type app that might be of interest.

The app lets you broadcast live video around the work. Viewers can join and

comment in real time.

Adjourn 8:45 PM

Minutes by Jo Killen