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Alternative Materials and Finishes: Stretching the Creative Process
INSTRUCTOR: Rocky Lewycky
CLASS TITLE: Alternative Materials and Finishes: Stretching the Creative Process
DATE(S):  August 21 – 27, 2023
DAYS OF WEEK: Monday – Sunday
HOURS: 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate/Advanced

The heart of this workshop is in the exploration of alternative firings. We will be working and exploring everyday with new firing techniques and processes. Students will bring both greenware and bisqueware to the workshop to fulfill each process. You can visit my website and click on “workshops” to see examples of what you will be learning in the workshop. Below is a list of firings that we will be exploring:
-Ferric Chloride Saggar Burritos
-Ferric Chloride Spray Over Clear Crackle
-Pit Fire over Greenware Terra-Sigillata Base
-Pit Fire over Bisqueware Terra-Sigillata with Mica Colorants Base
-Horse Hair/Feather Firing with GreenwareTerra-Sigillata Base
-Cone 7 Seashell Side-Fire with Matte Crystal Glazes (Oxidation)
-Cone 11 Side-Fire Shino with Wood Ash (Reduction)

Along with our exploration of alternative firing techniques, we will also spend some time experimenting with alternative materials and surface treatments.  will demonstrate how to make and use the following:
-Greenware Greek Style Terra Sigillata (Greenware)
-Greenware Terra-Sigillata with Mason Stain Colorants
-Bisqueware Terra Sigillata with Mica Colorants
-Paper Clay with Burnout Legumes
-Feldspar Inclusions
-Micaceous Clay

Finally, I will teach you how to clean and finish your pots with the following techniques:
-Dremel Tool Sanding of Side Fire Wares
-Wax Sealing of Low Fire Wares
-Introduction to Gold Leafing Materials and Sizing Demo

**Please note that you will need to purchase an organic vapor mask to participate in the Ferric Chloride processes  (~$45). In preparation for the workshop, you will need approximately 20-40 small to medium pieces at various stages of completion. Please allow enough time for this planning. Detailed information will be provided upon registration.