While there was no automatic process we could set up to move your information on the old website (https://acga.net) to the new site (https://acga.net), while both sites are up simultaneously, you can copy information from the old to the new. Here’s how it works:

1. Open both sites up in separate browser windows.
2. Pick an image that you want to move over. Note its title, then click on it. A bigger version of the picture will appear.
3. Right-click on the picture to get an option to download it. Download it to your computer and note what file directory it goes into.
4. Switch to the new site. If not already editing your Profile, do so now.
5. Use the Upload button and browse for the picture you just copied to your computer in the correct directory. Apply your choice.
6. Put the title in the box below, the title you noted previously.
7. Do the same for all images you want to move over. Image boxes continue to appear until you reach the maximum of ten.
8. You can do almost the same for your artist statement: select the text and use your copy function on your computer, then paste it into the new site’s Artist Statement box. You can copy other text fields from the old site this way too, if they apply.
9. Go to the bottom of your Profile on the new site, and make sure that you Update Profile. You want to save your work!
10. Now that you saved, make sure it worked! Scroll down and make sure you don’t see any red warning messages, and that you no longer have an Update option.

Sorry we can’t do this for you, but if you have a good Profile in the new site and don’t want to start over loading your images and statement, you can take this quick option.