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A feature has just been added which should allow you to get a digest of the posts that are made during the day to your email Inbox.  In the Member Forum area is a new menu item for members only which allows you to submit your email for subscription to this service.  You click the Profile option, and then look for “Receive periodic summaries of new posts?” Choose “Yes” and Update. Go here to follow the link to subscribe.

Please note that the box to check “yes” is under a few warnings that you do not have permissions to update plugins. Ignore this, we are trying to clean up this area but for now, just look under the warnings for a subscription box. Don’t forget to update!

As noted, this is experimental.  You can send a manual subscription request to ken@methenysystems.com, or just email me to let me know of problems you have. Also let me know if it works well for you.



  1. Barbara Glynn Prodaniuk
    Barbara Glynn Prodaniuk says

    I recently received an email from a company called VIDA and am wondering if any of you have worked with this company before.This is what they sent me. It sounds interesting, any advice?

    “I am reaching out to extend a special invitation to you to collaborate with our company, VIDA. We think your artwork would be a wonderful addition to VIDA’s collection of art as wearable apparel. At VIDA, we transform 2D artwork into elegant, scarves, tops, and dresses, and we’d love to add your artwork to our collection!

    A little bit about VIDA:
    VIDA is a Google Ventures-backed fashion e-commerce platform that brings together artists and apparel manufacturers from around the world to create original, inspiring apparel in a socially conscious way. We work with manufactures all over the world, and we offer literacy programs to our factory workers.

    Becoming a VIDA designer is an easy 2 step process and should take less then 10 mins.
    1: Create your profile at studio.shopvida.com
    2: Upload your artwork to create your products
    Note: VIDA is 100% free to join and post artwork.

    I hope you’ll accept our invitation to become a VIDA artist and join our ever growing global community of artists and designers. We will be deeply honored to have the opportunity to work with you.

    Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I’m really looking forward to your submission on studio.shopvida.com! I’ve included a bit more information about the process of becoming a VIDA designer below.”

    Erica Carter
    Erica Carter
    Head of Artist Relations
    44 Tehama Street | San Francisco CA 94105
    Phone: 1.877.529.VIDA | Mon – Fri 9am – 6pm PST
    website | email Twitter Facebook Instagram Pinterest

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