ACGA picks a few Events to list on the Events Shows and Exhibitions display. You cannot post directly to these. But you can post events where others can see them if you wish.

One way is to put them into your Member Profile. I suggest doing that, because anyone looking into your work would likely head for your Profile. There is a section there that can hold up to ten such events. Please check periodically for obsolete events, as you alone will be maintaining your Profile.

The second way is through the Member Forum, which is on the main menu. In that Forum is a choice to enter “Member Exhibition Spotlight Posts”. That is where anyone can go to see events that any member wants to highlight. Here’s how you put your events in there:

On the main menu, under MEMBERS, is the Member Forum. Go there and choose Submit Post. This is where you can post all sorts of articles, not limited to events and exhibitions. To post it as an event, just be sure to choose “Exhibitions” where it asks you for a category — it’s a little drop-down menu that is near the bottom of the posting edit screen.

See the FAQ about “Member Forum Posting” to learn more about posting anything you want, including shows. When you choose to post to “Exhibitions”, remember that it creates a free-form post, so format it in a way that will look good to other readers. There is a feature to add an image if you have a picture that would go with the event. Then you can look at it easily under Member Exhibition Spotlight Posts after you submit it.