Want to share something with the other ACGA Members? It’s easy, post it to the Forum!

First, make sure you are logged in:
Don’t know your username? You can search for it here:
Can’t find it or you are not registered? Email Whitney.
Don’t know your password? Read this. Or just click “forgot password” to reset. Please note this can take a while. Be patient. Go do something else for a bit.

Once you are logged in, l go to the drop down menu under “Members” in the main menu.
Put your mouse pointer on “Member Forum“.
This will open another sub-menu, and you move your mouse pointer over to the right to “Submit a Post“.
Click on that.
Also, here is the direct link, just to make it easier.
This will bring you to the place where you submit posts.
It’s pretty self-explanatory, so take some time to read it through.

Once you type in what you want to share, scroll down and click “submit“.


If you want to see posts that have already been shared, you put your pointer on “Member Forum” again, and move down the menu that opens to the right to “General Member Posts“. Click on that.


Again, here is the direct link:
Still need help? Email Whitney at ws.pottery@gmail.com.