First, login.hayes edit profile

This will take you to your profile page. Click the little gear icon on the right hand side, and click “edit profile” in the drop down menu.

To add a profile picture, click on the camera in the circle to upload an image. This should be a picture of you, but if you are camera-shy, feel free to use an image of your work or anything else.

To add a landscape picture behind your profile pic, click the + sign to upload an image. Notice the scale of the landscape image and pick an image that is wider than it is high. Here is a good example of someone with a great landscape and profile image.

Add something in the “tell us about yourself” box. This is a great place for your “elevator pitch“! Here is an example.

Next, we have some fun filling out fields and sharing our work. Please note that some fields are mandatory, and MUST be filled out or your profile will not save. I will note mandatory fields below as I walk you through each one.

First stop, artist statement. Put anything you want in there to tell people about you and your work. hayes narrativeThis is not a mandatory field, but don’t leave people hanging! If they are looking at your profile, they want to know about your work.

Next: work images (not mandatory). Click “upload” to add an image. You can add up to 10 images, and don’t forget to title the images! That is mandatory. A new upload box will appear every time you add an image.

Websites and social media (not mandatory): This will create links to you and your online world. Be sure to copy the entire web address (URL) into the box.

Upcoming Events (not mandatory): This is where you share any upcoming event. You can add links, so it’s a great resource for people who want to come see you in the real world. There is a lot of room for a lot of shows, so keep scrolling down when you are done!

General Info (mandatory): Self-explanatory– name, last name, company.

Address (mandatory): Be sure to click the box to show your address if you want it publicly displayed. If not, leave box unchecked.

Studio address (mandatory): Click the “use main address fhayes phoneor studio” if your address is the same.

Phone number (mandatory): For pre-registered members, your phone number has been
loaded in for you, but please click the “yes, show” box to make sure we have the right number. Make sure there is no (c) for cell or (w) for work or (h) for home in the field itself. If you see that, delete it. When you are done, you can uncheck the “show” box if you do not want your number displayed publicly.

Last box! Membership (mandatory): Go through each box and click on ithayes membership to choose your media category, your membership category, your interest in the ACGA, and the year you joined  the ACGA (a guess is fine). Each field must be filled out, except for “other”.

All done? Click “SAVE PROFILE” at the bottom. When you do this, you should see your profile as it will look to the public. If you are still in edit mode, it means you missed a mandatory field. Scroll through slowly and find the red flag. Problem areas are often phone number and membership boxes.

Please note that if you have a problem saving and you can’t get help right away, don’t close the window or logout of the site or you will lose all of your profile information that you just put in so carefully. Contact Whitney at, or our web programmer, Ken Metheny at for help.

Questions? Suggestions? Post your comments.