Creating a profile on the ACGA website is a great way to participate in the community and share your work with other members and clay and glass fans who look at our website.

To set up a profile, you must be a dues-paying member of the ACGA.

To register, go here:

Please note that some fields are required: name, address, phone number (phone numbers are hidden from public view) your media (clay or glass), the year you joined ACGA (take a guess of you have to) and your membership category (associate, exhibiting, honorary, or emeritus).

It is important that you fill out these required fields during your initial registration, or your profile will not register. If you press the “register” button and you are brought back to the same screen with big yellow letters indicating you are still in “edit” mode, then you missed some fields. Scroll down and fix the fields that are highlighted in red. Once you press “register” and you get a screen message indicating that your profile has been submitted, then you are all set. Your profile will be approved by Web Admin in short order and be available for public viewing.

It is also important that you upload an image for your profile. This indicates to browsers that your profile has information about you.

Questions? Leave a comment or email admin.