You did the work of logging into your profile, and updating it with images and information about yourself. A few days later you go back to look at it, and nothing! No pictures, no information about you there. What happened?!

When you log into your profile the first time, there are mandatory fields that must be filled out to complete your profile. Your profile does not save until the mandatory fields are completed. 

Mandatory fields include the basics about you– name, address, studio address, phone number. The mandatory field that people are consistently missing are the fields in the last box, the “Membership” box.  You need to fill out every box in membership— media (clay or glass), membership category (associate, exhibiting, honorary, emeritus), and “I am interested in…”.

So how do you know whether or not your profile has saved? When you click “update profile” at the bottom of your profile, and your profile is still in “edit” mode, that means your profile has not saved and you need to make corrections. Scroll down through your profile and you will see fields that have been red-flagged for correction. You will see this at the top of your profile if you are still in edit mode:

edit mode

When you have pressed “update profile” and you see your profile without that yellow indication that you are in edit mode, that means your profile has saved. Scroll down and see your images and information to confirm that your profile saved properly.

Please note that once you complete your profile the first time, adding images and updating in the future will be much easier because all of your mandatory fields are completed.

The lesson is: always confirm that your profile has saved before closing the window or there is a chance that you will lose your hard work.