ACGA February Newsletter 2023


Mari Emori - New ACGA Board PresidentPresident’s Message from Mari Emori

I am thrilled to introduce myself as your newly elected president. I joined ACGA in 2018 and have been serving as a board member since 2021, including the past year as Vice President.

First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude to our past president, Cheryl Costantini, for her outstanding leadership during some of the most challenging years

Despite the difficulties of the past few years, I am proud of the accomplishments we have achieved together. Our participation in NCECA 2022 for the first time was successful and rewarding and provided our members with valuable exposure and connections in the ceramic world. The Clay & Glass Festival in Palo Alto was another highlight and marked the return of attendance to near pre-pandemic levels. I would also like to give a shout-out to our communications team, who recently introduced the new newsletter platform that allows us to better connect with both our member artists and customers.

Mari Emori - New Board President ACGAAs we move forward, I am committed to continuing Cheryl’s work of making ACGA a more inclusive and welcoming community. This year, a new group of individuals brings their enthusiasm and ideas to ACGA leadership. My goals are to reach out to younger artists and expand ACGA outside the San Francisco Bay Area to ensure the growth and success of our community. I am eager to work with all of you in the coming year to build on the achievements of the past and to continue our mission of promoting and supporting the work of clay and glass artists of California.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Mari Emori. My journey as an artist began in Kyoto, Japan, where I made kimonos. After moving to the US, I explored various creative paths, including floral design, interior design, and graphic design, before finally discovering my true passion in clay.

My most recent “Drop Series” is deeply inspired by nature, both its beauty and the power of its forces. From my studio in the Berkeley Potters Guild in Berkeley, I create pieces that reflect my connection to the natural world. When I’m not in the studio, I love to spend time in nature, hiking and wandering, always taking in new impressions that find their way into my work. I believe that art should not only be beautiful, but it should also convey a deeper message and evoke emotion in the viewer. I’m always striving to push the boundaries of my art and create pieces that truly captivate and inspire.

-–Mari Emori, ACGA President

Posted by Mari Emori, ACGA President

Vicki Gunter ACGA Board Member

Vicki Gunter

Vicki Gunter is a Bay Area native whose home and ceramic studio are located in East Oakland.

“My first teacher in ceramics was Clayton Bailey in 1968 at DVC, but most of my adult life was as a professional dancer/teacher/motion therapist. In those years I attended ACGA shows and dreamed of being in one someday. My first official submission as a ceramic artist was as a new ACGA member to Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History MAH in 2010. I was 60 years old. I won the People’s Choice Award. My dreams came true! I feel I owe a lot to ACGA and would be proud to be a board member.”

Iver Hennig ACGA Board Member

Iver Hennig

Iver Hennig is a ceramic artist and educator residing in the Santa Cruz mountains. His ceramic work consists of thrown and sculpted pieces using themes of animals and nature mixed with mechanical strangeness. “I have been working professionally in ceramics since 1992 selling ceramic art. I graduated from Humboldt State University and started Live Clay Pottery with my wife Jennifer. Our work is a combination of thrown and sculpted pieces with an emphasis on animal themes. I am currently teaching ceramics at Santa Cruz High and have been there for 20 years.” — Iver Hennig

Sonja Hinrichson ACGA Board Member

Sonja Hinrichson

Sonja Hinrichson is a Bay Area artist and immigrant, and landed here 23 years ago for graduate school. Her art background is in video, installation, and photo-based art forms, and she organizes community arts projects that intertwine nature experience and art-making.

“I came to ceramics 9 years ago – out of necessity for a conceptual arts project. And I got stuck in the sticky clay and have since never been able to let go. I throw and hand- build and have been exploring atmospheric high-firing techniques. I teach ceramics for kids and adults at City-run art studios in San Francisco and Oakland. I joined the ACGA about 1.5 years ago, and would like to contribute to the thriving of the larger California Ceramics community through service on the Board.” – Sonja Hinrichson

Barbara Prodaniuk ACGA Board Member

Barbara Prodaniuk

Barbara Prodaniuk is a potter working in my home-based studio in Truckee for the past 40+ years.

“I make both sculptural and functional pieces in white stoneware and porcelain and fire to cone 10 in a gas kiln. I do both wheel- thrown and hand-built work. I have been a member of ACGA since 2004 and would like to make a greater contribution to the group by serving on the board”



ACGA Clay and Glass Festival Palo Alto July 15 & 16 2023Clay and Glass Festival at the Palo Alto Art Center
July  15th and 16th 2023

We’re looking forward to our summertime Festival – held on the grounds of the Palo Alto Art Center on July 15-16, 2023. The Festival application is due to be emailed to eligible members Monday, February 13. Artists who haven’t yet juried for Festival eligibility can visit our jury webpage – the next jury will be held in Spring 2023. Read More:

Read More:
Posted by April Zilber, Festival Chair

How to Post to ACGA News and Calendar

How to Post to ACGA News and CalendarMembers who want to share upcoming news, events, milestones, studio equipment for sale, shows, awards, and other craft-related items with our audience of fellow artists and collectors can now fill out a few lines on our website and get posted to our online calendar of events or our news page. Submission Process, Learn More:

Posted by Ren Lee


Vicki Gunter

Family Gathering — Little Pete Meadow

Pint Size Show, Transmission Gallery, San Francisco

clay, glaze, stains, wire, antique spoon – 2 x 6.5 x 4.5 inches

Vicki Gunter - CeramicsThis cup is made entirely of clay into faux granite. The blueberry stems and handle are hand-worked wire. The plinth is an actual granite stone.

Inspired by its no-waste complexity, nature is my source and my anchor, in wild places and at home in East Oakland. My work draws from the knowledge that everything comes from the earth and the hope that we will seek solutions to gather, love and consume leaving the smallest fingerprint.

For me, Sierra cups symbolize Family Gatherings. At the magical age of nine, 1959, my parents put an old wooden pack frame on my back, hung a metal Sierra cup on my rope belt and we “hit the trail”. I discovered the earth could sustain me and I could survive in it with little more than a spoon, a cup, dried apples, jerky and a family’s warmth. It was hard work, but so worth it, not only because of the extraordinary beauty — we were experiencing our life source.

At Little Pete Meadow we discovered we were gifted with Huckleberries. We filled our cups! We mixed them with Bisquick, making 1 giant Huckleberry biscuit over our campfire. My father carried a small cast-iron skillet for this purpose. Yes, crazy. But oh, Huckleberries, one of our simple native delights that stirs us to defend what we stand on! I feel an urgency to create art in this revolutionary time. I value clay’s infinite potential− mirroring our own.

As a native of California, the clay state, I love turning clay to stone. This little cup is made of reclaimed clay into faux granite with found: hand-worked wire stems and handle, vintage spoon, Granite stone plinth found in the Sierras.

Instagram: @transmissiongallery.sf

Instagram: @vickigunter

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts 2868 Mission Street, San Francisco

Feb. 4- March 4

Kathy Pallie

Kathy Pallie’s ‘White Caps’ was selected for the “The Color of Water” exhibition at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts. The ceramic vessel which is 17″H is not only the color of water, but it can also hold water.

Exhibition dates February 11 – March 26 with an opening reception Saturday, February 11 from 2 – 4 pm.

Sebastopol Center for the Arts, 282 S. High Street, Sebastopol, CA

ACGA Board Meeting Minutes
5:30 p.m., January 3, 2023 via Zoom
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10:00 a.m. – 12 noon, Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Board of Directors – 2023
2022 Officers
President: Mari Emori
Vice President: TBD
Secretary: Sally Jackson
Treasurer: April Zilber

Lee Middleman, Jan Schachter, Joe Battiato, Emil Yanos, Trudy Chiddix, Cheryl Costantini,

Chris Johnson, Ren Lee, Susie Rubenstein, Iver Hennig, Sonja Hinrichson, Vicki Gunter, Barbara Prodaniuk

Committee Chairs
Communication – Ren Lee
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Festival – April Zilber
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