ACGA May Newsletter 2020


Acga Zoom Board Meeting September 2020Hello Everyone,
I would like to reach out today to let you know that if you have been affected by the fires, ACGA would like
to help. You all know about CERF but in addition to that, we would like to facilitate connecting those who need help with members who might be able to help those in need. This might include a place to stay, studio help, cleanup or whatever you can offer.

April has kindly offered to put together a database of those who have a need and those who have something to offer. Please email her if you are in either of these situations. Tell her your name and if you have a need and if you have something you can do to help.

Having served of many boards, there is a joke of sorts that I have often heard. Your first job as a board member is to find your successor… Though that is not totally true, there is truth in it.

Sustainability has been one of my main concerns for ACGA since joining the board almost 3 years ago. As such, I would like to reach out and ask you to consider joining the board. Meetings are all now via Zoom, and though that has it’s downsides, it also opens the door for greater participation. This is a chance for you to help guide the direction of ACGA into the future.

Please think about it.

Any healthy organization needs a combination of the old traditions as well as new fresh ideas. Now is your chance. Please call or email me to find out more.
Take care,
Cheryl Costantini


Do you have clay- or glass-related information that you would like to place on our website (
Please email the information with images to Jacqueline Thompson at
Items might include announcements of sales and exhibitions, workshops, open studios, member news and
meet-ups, and so on. We look forward to hearing from you!

Remember that if you would like to have your information to appear in the newsletter, you MUST send
it to Bonita Cohn at, (Please separate image and text.)


The Davis Art Center exhibit: ACGA in Focus

The exhibit is up on our website. It is a good example of the ways we promote ACGA & its members. See a full view of the participating artists at


There is still time to take advantage of this terrific online sale of ceramic and glass artwork by members of ACGA. Click here to visit the SALE!

Clay and Glass Festival News

Festival Booth Fee Refund Update

Dear Artists and Sponsors,

Thank you for your patience.  The booth fee refunds should be completed by the time this newsletter reaches your inbox.  The Festival Committee and the ACGA Board wish to thank those of you who were able to roll over your booth fee to 2021, which helps us to spread the loss of Festival income over 2 years.  We also appreciate those of you who helped cover this year’s expenses.  We are especially grateful for the generosity of those who were able to both roll over and contribute to offset this year’s Festival expenses.

We all look forward to being together in July 2021.  Until then, stay healthy and continue nurturing your creativity in whatever ways you enjoy.  And please share your online sales events and live demos/workshops on our ACGA Facebook page!The Festival Committee

Joe Battiato, Mari Emori, Sally Jackson, Lee Middleman, Jan Schachter, Miki Shim-Rutter,  April Zilber

Annie Hermes, Deputy Director

Giant Creative


Kathy Pallie

Kathy PallieKathy Pallie: “Visions in Clay 2020” will be virtual viewing only this year, but should be very exciting all the same. I’m delighted that my piece “Ebony Landscape Trio” was selected by juror Nancy Selvin to be included in this show. You can participate in the opening reception on Thursday, September 3 from 5:30 – 6:30. A zoom link will be posted on the 3rd. If you want to participate, let me know, and I will be sure to get you the link. After the 3rd, the entire exhibit can be viewed at

Visions in Clay - San Joaquin Delta College 2020

Sally Jackson

Sally Jackson Community ArtPR about a ‘neighborhood’ project by Sally Jackson:

“Everything just braided together.” This is how Stanford ceramic artist Sally Jackson describes the threads that came together in the creation of a stunning piece of community art now standing in her front yard across from Lathrop Park. The first thread was Sally’s desire to do something for a community in quarantine.

Lee Middleman and Julia Feld

China Changchun International Ceramics SymposiumThe 9th China Changchun International Ceramics Symposium has opened (August 12, 2020 to January 7, 2021) . The exhibition is in The Changchun International Ceramic Art Museum in Changchun, the capital of northeast China’s Jilin province. Lee Middleman’s and Julia Feld’s pieces are on display and have been purchased for the museum/gallery collection. Lee’s works selected are a Red Diamond Globe, a Winter Sun Flower, and a Jade Sea Urchin Vase. Some images of the exhibition are shown here.

Emil Yanos

Two wall sculptures by Emil Yanos were juried into an exhibit Off Center: An International Ceramic Competition At Blue Line Arts in Roseville, CA

Exhibit runs through September 12

Emil Yanos

Natasha Dikareva

Natasha DikarevaI was scheduled to teach my workshop Dreams in Clay in San Raphael, France in September but we all know what happened to the world. Being nostalgic, I want to share with you the experience I had during my first artist residency in Vallauris also in the south of France. Imagine you are at the French Riviera in September. You start your day swimming in the waters of the clear Mediterranean sea, hiking in the surrounding hills or taking an excursion to the nearest medieval town. You enjoy french culture and fresh, delicious cuisine. Already seems like paradise, right? And for me it was all of that plus my favorite activity – sculpting with clay.

During the month of my artist residency there I produced 21 pieces! Want to hear about my amazing experience at Vallauris, an ancient town known
as a center of French pottery and ceramic arts and a place where Picasso produced more than 3 thousand ceramic works? I’ll show you the images
of his and other French artists’ works who inspired me there. Also, you will get the insights from such places like Antibes, Nice, Cannes, Grasse and Saint-Paul-de-Vence. She did a zoom event in August, and showed what has been growing in her studio

Ann and David Lindsay

Ann and David LindsayAfter 44 years as a glassblower and over 22 years as co-owner of Lindsay Art Glass, David Lindsay is retiring. David and his wife and business partner, Ann Lindsay, opened Lindsay Art Glass in 1998, and will close the business this fall….More than one year ago, Ann and David started marketing the business for sale. Wanting to retire, they worked to keep the 50-year Benicia glassblowing tradition going. With a buyer ready to take over and a second one extremely interested in doing so, COVID-19 hit. The uncertainty of the times caused both buyers to change their minds. While they continue to market the business for sale and hope to find a buyer to continue glassblowing in Benicia, Lindsay Art Glass will be closing no later than October 31, 2020.

In the meantime, David’s work along with the work of other American Craft Artists is for sale in the Lindsay Art Glass Gallery. Since glassblowing is no longer happening and orders are not being placed with the artists that we represent, the inventory that we have is quickly diminishing. All gallery fixtures, displays and equipment are also for sale. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Sunday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ann at 707-853-6121 or David at 707-208-7673.

Lindsay Art Glass, 109 East F St. Benicia, CA 94510

Heidi Bekebrede

Heidi BekebredeHeidi Bekebrede did a Zoom Workshop in August thru Natsoulas Gallery, on how to create fun & engaging curriculum for children (K-6). She showed how to easily incorporate a kiln into your classroom and what kind of projects you can develop with students that are fun for everyone.

Create Your Own Outdoor Art Event

Jan Schachter and April ZilberJan Schachter and April Zilber each recently took part in safe, small outdoor art events. They were successful and we thought they might inspire artists to consider hosting or organizing a similar small event and including local ACGA members. April participated in an art walk at Filoli Gardens near the end of July, along with four ACGA artists: Cristy Aloysi & Scott Graham, Barbara Grauke, and Sandy Feder. There were only 19 booths, located in different areas along a unidirectional path through the gardens (link to map). Booth spaces were 10 feet apart, masks & social distancing were required, and hand sanitizer was available in multiple locations. Filoli required advance ticket purchase so they could monitor the number of visitors and keep the attendance at an acceptable level. San Mateo County’s guidelines for outdoor sales were carefully followed. $100 booth fee plus 10% of sales (only if the artist had sold at least $500). April did some social media posting before the event but did not send out a postcard. Perhaps there are other Botanic Gardens that would consider hosting this type of event?

Jan hosted an independent all outdoor Open Studio event with 5 other ceramic artists in the courtyard of her home the weekend of August 1 & 2. We had the idea for probably 8 weeks, but because there were almost no upfront costs (like venue rental) we knew we could cancel on short notice – even before we sent out postcards or online invitations. We had good spacing of tables, and because it was in a garden we emphasized garden
ornaments, although we did sell all manner of work. The access to my courtyard was through an outdoor gate, so no one needed to go through my house. We had chairs set up outside the gate, in the event we needed to close it to limit the # of customers at one time. We never did, but some people enjoyed complementary beverages (individual bottles or cans) in the shade. Hand sanitizers, gloves and wipes were readily available.

We did send postcards (designed by Fred Yokel). PR was through numerous social media pitched from the participants. Many customers came and were delighted to have somewhere fun & safe to go to. The minimal cost was shared by all participants based on their % of sales. If you want to try something like it and have questions, do not hesitate to contact me

Barbara Sebastian

Barbara SebastianBarbara writes:

Open Studio/Holiday Sale!

I would like to ask ACGA artists if they would like to join me in an Open Studio sometime in late October at or near my studio in San Rafael. We have a
parking lot we could set up on a Saturday early a.m. and take down Sunday evening. Or if anyone has a better place I am open for it.

Hopefully, Barbara Sebastian


Josie Jurczenia

Hello Fellow Bay Area Ceramic Artists,
Planning for the Sacramento NCECA conference (March 16-19,2022) has begun. I am writing to you in my role as a member of the Advance Planning
Committee. As one of the representatives from the Oakland/Berkeley/San Francisco Area, I would like to keep you informed about what’s happening and how you might like to participate. Although our area is on “the fringes” geographically to the main event and we in no way want to take the focus
away from the events that will be happening in Sacramento during the NCECA conference, I am hoping our Bay Area ceramic artists, studios and galleries will want to come up with pre and post conference events. There might be as many as 6,000 attendees to the 2022 NCECA conference and many of them will be traveling through the Bay Area on their way to the conference. Our pre and post conference events could provide a great
opportunity to get folks to take a detour off the freeway and get to know our diverse and exciting Bay Area ceramics scene.

There is lots of time for you to start thinking up something special for you and/or your studio/gallery to do…an exciting exhibition, open studio event, tour ???…the possibilities are endless. About 12 months prior to March 2022 I would like to start putting together a map listing your pre and post conference events. I hope to post this information on-line as well as in printed form so that it is readily available well before and during the conference. Other areas in our region are also planning pre and post conference events and we are hoping to get together a
coordinated calendar. This is going to be an extremely exciting time here for all things ceramic.
Do you have a dynamite idea for a concurrent show for the conference? The proposals are due in April 2021. These shows are supported by NCECA (which generally means they supply the space and the show will be listed in official NCECA literature). If you have an interesting idea for a show please consider submitting a proposal. Go to the NCECA site for more information. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have ideas or suggestions about what you’d like to see happen at the 2022 Sacramento conference. I will be happy to pass along your ideas along.

Josie JurczeniaIf you would please pass this information along to any ceramic artists,studios or galleries you feel might be interested. Also if you do
not wish to be a part of this email thread please let me know and I will remove your name.
Josie Jurczenia
Summer St, Berkeley, CA

The Potter's Studio

The Potter's Studio

Welcome to The Potter’s Studio Fall Session of Online Classes!
Eight-week classes begin September 15, 2020.
Classes are $250 per eight-week class.
Current members of The Potters’ Studio pay only $125!

There are two series of mini-classes that run for eight weeks. For all eight mini-classes, the price is $250. Each mini-class is

Current members can take all eight mini-classes for $125 or pay $20 for each mini-class!

All classes will take place LIVE online via Zoom. Classes will also be recorded on video and will be available 24 hours after each class. This means that if you miss a class, you can still watch the class at a later date. Video recordings of classes will be available for two weeks beyond the last class meeting date.

Clay and Firing: Students enrolled in eight-week classes will receive one bag of Cone 10 clay (Recycled Clay, B-Mix, Black Mountain, Soldate or Rod’s Bod) or Cone 5/6 clay (B-Mix) and three cubic feet of firing space (bisque and mid- or high-fire combined) included in the class fee. After that, you will be charged at member firing rates. Those enrolled in mini-classes will receive enough clay to complete the number of classes they sign up for
and free firing of one piece (bisque- and glaze-fired) per mini-class.
Tools: Basic clay tool kits are available for purchase for $20. We will also be selling an underglaze kit with seven colors and a compatible Cone 5/6 clear brushing glaze for $30 (recommended for both series of mini-classes).

We look forward to seeing everyone online!

The Potters’ Studio Staff and Teachers

Any Skill Level
Mini-Class Series: Exploring the Clay Surface with Sharon Virtue
Eight Wednesdays: September 16 through November 4, 10:30am–2pm

Beginning-Level: Hand-Building Classes
Hand-Building Basics: Pinch, Coil and Slab with Scott Jennings
Eight Thursdays: September 17 through November 5, 10am–12pm

Intermediate-Level: Hand-Building Classes
The Sculptural Vessel with Leah Bowring
Eight Tuesdays: September 15 through November 3, 1–3pm

In the Garden: Vessels for Flowers and Plants with Scott Jennings
Eight Thursdays: September 17 through November 5, 1–3pm

Intermediate-Level: Wheel-Throwing Classes
Traditional Japanese Wheel-Throwing Techniques with Hiroshige Kato
Eight Wednesdays: September 16 through November 4, 4–6pm

Intermediate-Level: Combination Hand-Building & Wheel-Throwing Classes
The Teapot: Leather-Hard Slabs and Altered Forms with Bob Johnson
Eight Tuesdays: September 15 through November 3, 10am–12pm
High-Fire Ceramics for the Kitchen and Table with Sante Salvoni
Eight Thursdays: September 17 through November 5, 7–9pm

Classes for Children and Young Adults
Mini-Class Series: Clay Projects for Children and Young Adults with Sharon Virtue
Eight Wednesdays: September 16 through November 4, 2–3:30 pm
Register on our website, call us at (510)-528-3286 or email and request an invoice to pay online.

SEE ACGA’s Workshop Page to learn more, and go to
The Potters’ Studio
1221 8th Street (near Gilman Street)
Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 528-3286


NOTE: Some of the dates/activities may no longer be correct,; be sure to contact the organizer to confirm.


American Craft Council

American Craft Council
Join us online September 7 – 13 for a free online marketplace experience where you can discover more than 100 artists from across the country and the Bay Area who are working to bring craft into our lives, affirming its importance, and building awareness and connection to the process of making. Our marketplace opens on Thursday and runs for four consecutive days. In addition to the marketplace, you can experience the Bay Area’s vibrant handmade culture through workshops, artist playlists, studio tours, and more. Members can RSVP for the preview party on September 9.

ACC: Inside the Artist’s Studio: Susan McKinney
Watch Susan’s Inside the Artist’s Studio video.
Susan McKinney
@skinnyceramics |

Susan’s work is a pure exploration of material and form. Her work celebrates the differences and similarities in
the softness and hardness found in objects. There are so many intriguing elements in her work – in particular,
her clay basket weavings. She can capture a sense of movement in her sculptures, leading back to her process
of repetitiously weaving


TRAX GalleryTrax is in its 25th year!  We’ve been making sculpture and pots at our cabin on the St. Croix River – amidst the greenery our creativity is flourishing!

TRAX will reopen for walk in business in October.  Meanwhile you can text our gallery assistant, Miles, to inquire about works, or have a masked space visit; 510.908.1580  email: 

Our next exhibition will be in November with Mike Helke, Kari Radasch,
Jenny Mendes, and Scott Parady.  

TRAX will reopen for walk in business in October, (minus the virus).  Jenny Mendes, and a surprise!

Peter Voulkos poster

TRAX Gallery has five unique Peter Voulkos color lithos
32″ x 24″, 1979, $1000 each, signed, unframed, email for more info.

1812 5th Street, Berkeley, CA  94710

 by appointment –  call: 510.540.8729 or text 510.914.1303


Epperson Gallery of Ceramic Art

Epperson gallery Into the WoodsDue to the Covid 19 Pandemic the Epperson Gallery of Ceramic Art  will be Closed until it is Safe to Open.
Our Upcoming Show with Lisa Reinertson and Francoise LeClerc will be rescheduled.

The gallery is empty with the exception of Francoise LeClerc’s piece “Parallax” and the morning sun through the east facing windows.

Art lives here. Art will continue to live here.

Epperson Gallery of Ceramic Art
Friday – Sunday: 11:00am 5:00pm – Anytime by Appointment
Epperson Gallery of Ceramic Art, 1400 Pomona Street, Crockett CA 510-787-2915


Davis Arts Center
Davis Art CenterIf you have not linked on it lately – – there have been many changes and updates. The most recent:    addition of a virtual showing of the Davis Arts Center ACGA show “Ceramics in Focus :2020”, that for obvious reasons is not live.

John Natsoulas Center for the Arts

Esther Shimazu & Margaret KeelanNew Work from Esther Shimazu & Margaret Keelan
Enjoy art from the comfort of your own home! To reduce overcrowding and risk of spreading germs, this sale
hopes to encourage people to enjoy their staycation by browsing artwork from home. Perfect for gift-giving or
adding to your own collection, these unique pieces offer something for everyone. Support the arts today by
visiting our online store and checking out our Social Distancing Sale!

Social Distancing Sale

John Natsoulas Center for the Arts

Location: 521 First St. Davis, CA 95616

LOS ANGELES – Craft in America

Here Now - A Humble LegacyHere/Now | A Humble Legacy: Two Exhibitions of Yunomi
7/18/2020 – 9/19/2020
Upon the centennial of the founding of Leach Pottery, the Craft in America Center is pleased to present two exhibitions celebrating the cup as object and the impact of Bernard Leach on studio ceramics.

A Humble Legacy is an exhibition of approximately two dozen works of historic and contemporary cups made by a selection of artists affiliated with Leach Pottery and others who continue in its legacy. Master potters Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada established St. Ives Pottery (Leach Pottery) in Cornwall, England in 1920, and their impact on 20th century ceramics cannot be overstated. Leach’s conception of the artist-potter and his advocacy for studio pottery in England came at a time when industrially-produced ceramics were dominant. His role in communicating Eastern ceramic tradition to the West, had a ripple effect on the global history of contemporary studio ceramics. The utilitarian cups, or yunomi, featured in this exhibition speak to Leach’s ideology and outlook. This international exhibition is organized in consultation with former Leach apprentice, Jeff Oestreich, who worked at the pottery from 1969-1971.

LACMAHere/Now: Contemporary Narrative and Form in the Yunomi is a ceramic cup invitational, which will consist of a small group of ceramic artists asked to construct a series of yunomi. The cylinder, being the root structure of most ceramic objects, leads to the yunomi, which can be playful and quickly made. The yunomi is a foundational form for most makers-inviting many options, directions, and intent. These are a range of contemporary vessel makers who are dedicated to rethinking traditional ideas. Using the cup as a launching point, this exhibition explores the historical ideal of the humble, anonymous Japanese potter juxtaposed with the American idealism of self-experience.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
LACMA @ Home
Make Art @ Home—Create Stained Glass Windows
Get inspired by the stained glass windows in LACMA’s collection and create your own miniature stained glass
windows using materials available at home. Subscribe for weekly art-making videos, with new activities every


Take a Virtual Tour of the Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts!
The Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts will reopen on July 6th, for tours only, by appointment. The number of visitors will be limited, required to wear masks and maintaining physical distance with others while inside the buildings will be mandatory. We will be following guidance and protocols provided by the State of California to provide a safe environment for visitors. Tours can be booked in advance by phone or e-mail

8585 Ojai-Santa Paula Rd. (in Upper Ojai) – Ojai, CA 93023 Tel: (805) 646-3381

Beato Gallery
Lauren HansonSeptember 12 – October 24, 2020
Lauren Hanson – Natural Wonders
The Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts proudly welcomes Lauren Hanson back for this upcoming exhibition of
her recent ceramics.

Logan Gallery
September 12 – October 24, 2020
Ventura County Potters’ Guild “Nature’s Bounty”

An exhibition of works by artist/members of the Ventura County Potters’ Guild. Founded in 1957, the guild has grown into a
nonprofit corporation with a mission to stimulate public interest and appreciation of the arts of creative ceramic pottery and sculpture. The Ventura County Potters’ Guild is committed to providing a forum for local potters who share their experiences and knowledge of clay through general meetings with invited specialists in the field of ceramics providing demonstrations, lectures, slide presentations, and workshops.

We recently created a short video to share the first chapter of the book, Intersection: Art & Life. The book explores the role of the arts
historically, and features inspiring works by contemporary artists. The book is dedicated to Beatrice Wood, as it is based upon her approach to the arts and cultural studies.

Watch the Video
Click Here:
This video shares the first chapter of the book Intersection: Art & Life. The Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts is expanding virtual programming in order to serve the larger community.

Kevin Wallace, Director of the Center, wrote the book to share the Center’s educational philosophy through exploring the role of the arts historically, as well as inspiring works by contemporary artists. The book is dedicated to Beatrice Wood, as it is based upon her unique approach to the arts and cultural studies.

Become a member of the Center at the $30 level and we will mail you a copy of Intersection: Art & Life, or
choose from our selection of thank you gifts.


AMOCA – The American Museum of Ceramic Art, or call (909) 865-3146.

We’re Reopening!
After more than three months of closure as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are delighted to announce that we are reopening!
AMOCA members and residents of the City of Pomona can reserve complimentary tickets online.
Tickets are required for admission and must be reserved online at least one day in advance.
We will welcome the general public back to the museum the week of August 3. Details on how to reserve advance tickets will be sent via email next month and available at in a few weeks.
Complimentary tickets are required for admission and must be reserved online a day in advance.

Complimentary Private Members Tours – In-Person or Virtual!

AMOCA members are invited to schedule in-person or virtual private tours of our current exhibitions.
These small-group experiences with a staff member or docent are a remarkable way to experience the exhibits on view.
As a thank-you for your continued support, you are invited to enjoy these special tours free of charge. On behalf of everyone at AMOCA, we are grateful for your support and we look forward to seeing you soon!

AMOCAFeminizing Brutalism: Ruby Neri and Her Giant Vessels

Alyson Brandes is a graduate of Chapman University and a 2020 Getty Marrow Undergraduate Intern at
AMOCA. During her internship, Brandes writes periodically for, and posts on Instagram and Facebook on Tuesdays.
“As part of my internship, an ongoing project that I’ve been working on involves researching artists for a future exhibition on women working with ceramics in California.”

In her second blog, Feminizing Brutalism: Ruby Neri and Her Giant Vessels, Brandes discusses how her
research into Neri led her to question her concepts of masculine and feminine art.and how interest in the 1970s Chicano artist collective Asco and how it helped chart her path to the ceramic arts.
399 N Garey Ave
Museum: 909.865.3146
Studio: 909.622.0464


Blue Line Arts

Off Center Blue Line ArtsOff Center

ROSEVILLE, CA 95678-2636
(916) 783-4117


The Crocker Art Museum

Duck Out Calvin MaThe Crocker Art Museum is delighted to welcome to its collection “Duck Out,” a gift from Bay Area sculptor Calvin Ma, whose ceramic, toy-like figure is suspended in the moment of fight or flight.

“Duck Out” joins “Around and Around,” another sculpture by Ma, in the Crocker’s renowned collection of international ceramics. Through both
sculptures, Ma gives form to his experience with social anxiety, a disorder that impacts nearly 15 million American adults who experience a persistent, intense fear of being judged by others.

For more information and to view images, click here:

Asian Art Museum

Backstage Baking | Cake Inspired by Chinese Floral Vase

National Sponge CakeGet a behind-the-scenes look at how Bake Sum made a beautiful sponge cake inspired by a legendary “hundred flowers” vase from Qing-Dynasty

Never miss a chance to take a behind-the-scenes peek into everything that happens at the museum — from conservation and bespoke mount-making, to installation and more! Check out our behind-the-scenes YouTube playlist and follow us on social media.
200 Larkin Street • San Francisco, CA 94102
Chong-Moon Lee Center for
Asian Art and Culture
200 Larkin St.
San Francisco, CA 94102


Pajaro Valley ArtsPajaro Valley Arts presents Sierra Azul  Nursery and Garden
July 1 – Oct. 31

E-postcard announcement for this real, physical sculpture garden exhibition  There are a few ACGA members in the show, both clay and glass:  Cristy Aloysi & Scott Graham,  Peggy Snider


2020 Fall Residency, Sonoma Ceramics
We offer two, 6-month, all-inclusive residencies per year for potters or ceramic sculptors. Applications are open for this 6-month, all inclusive residency. Open to potters and sculptors on a professional trajectory. The Ceramic Artist in Residence program offers a self- directed emerging or established ceramic artist a supportive work environment to explore ideas and create a cohesive body of work.

Res Artis –

Encounter the World in Residencies.
Explore the listings here:
Arts residencies are at a global standstill. By our very nature of facilitating quality international and national arts and cultural exchange, the field of arts residencies is one of the hardest hit.

Res Artis: Worldwide Network of Arts Residencies is partnering with UCL (University College London) to conduct this survey to assess the true impact of COVID-19 specifically on the arts residencies field. This survey first examines the immediate impact; and then we will ask respondents to complete two further short surveys to analyse the medium-term; and long-term effects.

You don’t need to be a Res Artis Member or affiliated to UCL to complete this survey. We urge all artists and arts residency organisations around the globe to complete this form so that Res Artis in partnership with UCL can advocate for support, much-needed resources and emergency funding on behalf of the sector. It will help us all, as a collective whole, gain a deeper understanding of the situation and how we might work together to rebuild and strengthen the field.

The survey below should take approximately 10 minutes of your time, but the results will be long-lasting. Thank you for contributing to this important research and data collection.
Survey link:


Superb live/work studio space for artists & writers. This summer and fall you can prepare for a show, finish a manuscript, collect your thoughts, or plan your next body of work. Located on Lake Chapala, nestled in a ring of mountains with colorful fishing villages strung like pearls along the north shore, a slower pace of life awaits you.

When it gets hot and muggy where you live, you can be here painting or writing to your heart’s content where the weather is fresh and delightful. We still have several private studio apartments available You can focus on your creative work and enjoy our gorgeous scenery and perfect year-round climate.

Rates, descriptions & pictures:
For more info write:
Join our group Facebook page: %360-Xochi-Quetzal –
Follow us on Twitter: @360XochiQuetzal
and Instagram: @360xochiquetzal

RESIDENCY at Watershed – cancelled

With heavy hearts, we are writing to update you on Watershed’s plans for the coming months.
The Watershed Board of Trustees convened an emergency session over the weekend to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the 2020 season and consider what steps we must take for the wellbeing of our community. After weighing the latest information from local and national experts, we have made the difficult decision that we must cancel our 2020 summer residency and workshop sessions, and the Salad Days fundraiser.



The Potter's Studio - Berkeley CAThe Potters’ Studio
61221 8th St
Berkeley CA 94710


Clay Hand Studios - Sponsor of Association of Clay and Glass Artists of CaliforniaClay Hand Studios
Contact: Nanette Mattos
660 Van Ness,
Fresno, CA 93721