ACGA July - August Newsletter 2022

President’s Message

Cheryl Costantini - Board President ACGASeptember I marvel at how the light changes and lengthening shadows offer the suggestion of Autumn as we brace for Indian Summer. Even with climate change, our turning planet and its relationship to the sun do still seem like something we can count on.

I find it interesting to note that though the seasons remain so much the same, the ways in which we sell our work have, for some, changed dramatically. Unimaginable doors have opened and offer us access like no time before! The options that are available now are truly astounding, I am humbled by the ever-changing potential possibilities. As creatives, I encourage us all to embrace even more deeply and more authentically this world. It is to that end that we on the ACGA board are rethinking the way in which communication both between ourselves as members as well as our customers and the works of social media.

The ACGA board is diligently working on a way to access the power of the Internet and potential communication streams to reinvent the way we communicate with each other as well as our ever growing customer base.

We will soon be announcing a new trial system that will change the look and formatting of the newsletter and offer more opportunities for artists to communicate and market their work. This new system will offer our members additional opportunities to reach out to the Clay and Glass community and those who love to purchase Clay and Glass. It will offer each of us more opportunities to post directly to a calendar and digest, our events, musings, exhibitions etc.

Stay tuned.

I am struck by this dichotomy of life. So much changes and yet so much remains the same. I like it. It keeps us on our toes and encourages us to seek our own internal balance… good stuff for sure!

Cheryl Costantini
707 823-0950
Nichibei Shop

ACGA Exhibition News

ACGA Clay and Glass Festival 2022

We Want to Share News About the 2022 ACGA Clay & Glass Festival

Our preliminary sales total (before corrections) = $353,656 and with 96 artists in the show, that works out to average sales of $3684. This is not quite as astounding as the 2021 total sales (average sales = $3979), but still a very strong show for most artists. Reconciliation is underway, and letters will be mailed to those who had a math mistake. April will send an updated financial report when reconciliation is done. From the perspective of management (Messenger Events), artist check in & load in generally went very smoothly this year. Annie appreciated the communication and flexibility with artists arriving on site who wanted to make tweaks to their booth spaces (communication is key).

In case you missed the memo, Annie purchased the Giant Creative business from Chris at the end of 2021, and gave it a new name, Messenger Events. Congratulations to Annie! Ren and her social media Festival volunteers did an amazing job (88,000 impressions!) and netted us approximately 250 more followers on IG and 300 more on FB. She’s continuing to post to keep our audience growing. The ACGA Board’s Communications Team is developing plans to publicize ACGA member events year-round (open studios and gallery exhibitions, etc) on ACGA channels. Stay tuned to the ACGA google group email to learn how you can participate!

We’re not so happy about the two missing fire extinguishers – we had to pay the rental company $358. We’re thinking of ways to keep better track of them next year. This year, instead of muddy ruts in the lawn, we had some dirt patches where tree stumps were ground down – but at least they were dry. On a living park grounds, there are always going to be some changes as trees die or need major pruning, or an irrigation pipe needs to be replaced.

Lastly, we heard that an artist yelled at a PAAC staff person and that someone else refused to follow PAAC rules when informed. Folks, we cannot afford to alienate the art center staff. They work hard to make it possible for us to occupy their building and grounds for three days, and without their goodwill our show is toast. Please, let’s all honor our social contract (and our artist contract) and be respectful and patient rather than unpleasant in our dealings – with everyone.

Thank you for listening,
April for ACGA

Get Featured on ACGA’s Website
We are looking to put a spotlight on our members. A new artist will be featured every month. If you would like to be featured, please send us:
• short blurb about yourself, your work, your process or anything else you want to say. Try to keep it below 100 words.
• 5-10 images of your work. 400 px across x 600 px high max. 72 dpi. Please try to keep your images all the same dimension. (I can re-size if you’re not sure how)
• Link to your website or social media page
We want to have new artists Postings will be on a first come first served basis.

Please send information to :
Emil Yanos


Remember that if you would like to have your information to appear in the newsletter, you MUST send it to Bonita Cohn at, (Please separate image and text.)


Lidija Tkalcevic featured in the Press

Lidija Tkalcevic is featured artist at The Main Gallery in Menlo Park.

Lidija writes: “Our worlds suddenly became small causing our appetites for fun and adventure to grow bigger.

ACGA Artist Kathy Pallie

Kathy Pallie

On the Ceramics Arts Network!

View it here.

Donor Profile: Jan Schachter

Jan Schachter - Cerf This month we’re pleased to profile Jan Schachter, a studio potter from Portola Valley, California, who is one of CERF+’s most active and committed volunteers and donors. Jan served on the CERF board from 1992-1997 when Lois Ahrens was the director and only employee. During that time, Jan organized a major fundraising
auction for CERF+, in which she invited artists from across the country to donate artwork. Today, thanks in part to all of Jan’s work, CERF+ is a robust organization making a difference for artists in communities across the United States and its territories. Jan continues her critical work, advocating and fundraising for CERF+ by organizing the annual benefit sale of artwork donated by members of the Association of Clay and Glass Artists (ACGA) for the California Fund at CERF+ during their annual July Clay and Glass Festival in Palo Alto in July.

Thank you, Jan, for your exceptional creative spirit, dedication, and generosity to CERF+. CERF - Artist Disaster Relief Fund

Sara and Thomas Post

“Dear Art Friends,
I’m sorry to have been unavailable for several months. Spring and summer have been difficult. In mid May, we lost my husband and fellow artist, Thomas Post. Our family has been taking a little quiet time to begin to adjust to this new reality.

Tom was so many things to us–artist, husband, father, and friend. Direct and kind, he was known for his thoughtful generosity, sly jokes and subtle humor. These qualities shone in his art work, in elegant, unadorned ceramics, in surrealistically manipulated photographs and in inventive sculptures employing interesting ideas, unexpected materials and beautiful surfaces.

We worked collaboratively and with a varying team of wonderful artists for many years at TSPost Ceramics in Davis. We also had separate interests and in the past ten years worked primarily in our own studio spaces exploring individual directions. We shared an exhibit, “Habitat” at Dolphin Gallery in Gualala, California in March, 2022.”

Paula Ross Passed

Paula was a member of the Berkeley Potters Guild for many years in the 80’s and 90’s, holding a place well remembered not only for her sharp, hilarious New York wit, but also for her loose, experimental and creative ways with terra cotta. With an artful hand, her surface decoration, one of simple, freely drawn lines incised through lusciously colored slip, was filled with sensual gesture.

Paula was creative, hard working, resourceful, funny, independent, and willing to jump in to help when needed. Staying focused with her clay work, she also took the time to engage in greetings and perceptive conversation when she arrived at the studio each day. She truly understood something about being
human together in a natural way.

From the ACGA. I know she has left her postcards before at the Guild and at Leslie’s… i didn’t know her well though but some of you may… -Chanda

Paula RossFor the many who knew Paula Ross

Celebration of Paula Ross – 1943 – 2022

August 5 – 7, 2022

It is with bittersweet sentiment we announce a special event at ACCI Gallery. Paula Ross, a well loved ceramic artist and one of the earliest members of ACCI passed away last February. ACCI has been given the privilege of selling Paula’s remaining ceramic work in a special legacy sale this August. The celebration kicked off with a reception Friday August 5th, followed by a two-day exposition and sale of her art. Many of the pieces for sale are unique and have not been seen by the public for many years, possibly even decades.

Maggie Gao-Gehlmann

Maggie Gao-GehlmannI create functional pottery that can be used daily. I hand craft my pieces using slab building techniques.
I then hand paint with underglazes and glazes. All of my designs are original that reflect my love for animals and Nature.

Mayer Schacter Passed Away

Dear friends and potters that have been in ACGA awhile. I have sad news that Mayer Shacter passed away…after a brief bout with pancreatic cancer. Mayer was my mentor as well as my husband. I became his apprentice in 1973. He was juried into the association in 1974 and was an ACGA president in the 1980’s. He had a wonderful ceramic career for 30 some years. He sold to top galleries all over the country and had one of those prize one man shows at Garth Clark in New York. He remarried to a well known author, Susan Page, and they created a beautiful life in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. They bought an old hacienda and converted it into a showcase home and gallery. He shifted from being a potter to a world class collector and dealer in indigenous folk art. Collecting had always been his passion.

I remember going to flea markets and Mayer had a knack for finding that gem in a pile of junk. His wife Susan and son Gabriel were there with him. He will be greatly missed.

~ Diana Crain


Please visit ACGA’s EVENTS/WORKSHOPS page for a complete list of upcoming classes and workshops.


NOTE: Some of the dates/activities may no longer be correct, be sure to contact the organizer to confirm.



Trax is shuttered for the summer months

We invite you to shop online at or schedule an appt:
Please text us @ 510.914.1303 and leave a message! or call the gallery & leave a message @ 510.540.8729
There are still many beautiful pieces available that can be found on our website.

Peter Voulkos poster

TRAX Gallery has five unique Peter Voulkos color lithos
32″ x 24″, 1979, $1000 each, signed, unframed, email for more info.

Although Peter Voulkos is known as a ceramist, like most artists, he worked simultaneously in different mediums. To him, whether it was graphic design, painting, ceramics, or metal working, one informed the other, altogether advancing his understanding of his work.

The TRAX art bnb is actively being booked check it out on the trax web site. Covidly cleaned.

1812 5th Street, Berkeley, CA  94710

 By appointment –  call: 510.540.8729 or text 510.914.1303



Elemental featuring Carol Dalton and Kris Marubayashi
Carol Dalton and Kris Marubayashi

Schedule: August 5 through September 25
Opening Reception: August 6, 4 – 6 pm. The gallery is open from 11am to 6pm, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Carol Dalton and Kris Marubayashi are each inspired by the natural world, the light,
patterns and textures that surround us. Through the mediums of Mixed Media and Clay
they bring their keen observational skills and honed sensibilities to manifest in a quiet sophistication.

1400 Pomona Street, Crockett, CA
Friday -Sunday 11-6 pm.
Safety precautions in place, Masks Required!
Private Appointments available upon request.


AMOCA – The American Museum of Ceramic Art, or call (909) 865-3146.

September 10, 2022 – January 22, 2023 / February 19, 2023
Member Preview: September 9, 2022, 2-4pm
Reception: September 10, 2022, 4-6pm
Catalog: Breaking Ground: Women in California Clay
Breaking Ground: Women in California Clay – Exhibition Overview

Amoca - Breaking Ground

The American Museum of Ceramic Art is proud to present the exhibition and accompanying catalog Breaking Ground: Women in California Clay, celebrating 44 artists who have defined—and redefined—ceramics over the past 100 years. Many of the Golden State’s most innovative and impactful ceramic artists in the 20th and 21st centuries are women who faced adversity due to gender inequality and were often ignored or overlooked in favor of their male counterparts. These incredibly determined women pushed forward, driven by creativity and tenacity.

Breaking Ground highlights the significant shifts in California ceramics over several generations of women artists. The story is told in three sections, using the artist’s “breaking ground period” (rather than their date of birth) to determine their place in history. The story begins with trailblazers Laura Andreson, Betty Davenport Ford, Stefani Gruenberg, Vivika Heino, Elaine Katzer, Mary Lindheim, Martha Longenecker, Gertrud Natzler, Susan Peterson, Ruth Rippon, Susi Singer, Helen Ritcher Watson, Marguerite Wildenhain, and Beatrice Wood. These artists laid the groundwork for the field and inspired successive generations of artists.

The second section includes a disparate group of artists who explored—or are exploring—the female figure, feminism, and the creation of the perfect form. Works by Judy Chicago, Dora De Larios, Roseline Delisle, Viola Frey, Magdalena Suarez Frimkess, Phyllis Green, Margaret Keelan, Karen Koblitz, Marilyn Levine, Elsa Rady, Lisa Reinertson, Nancy Selvin, Anna Silver, and Sandy Simon mark a substantial break in artmaking from their predecessors.
399 N Garey Ave
Museum: 909.865.3146
Studio: 909.622.0464


Oakland Museum
Edith Heath: A Life in Clay
January 29, 2022–October 30, 2022

Trailblazer. Rebel. Revolutionary.

Edith HeathDiscover the story of Edith Heath, founder and designer of Heath Ceramics. Heath transformed the ceramics industry, creating dinnerware from California clay for “Sunday best” and everyday use. Driven by the power of good design, and a commitment to her craft, Heath’s vision continues to live on through her stoneware and tile over 70 years later. Durable, not delicate, simple, yet stylish, Heath Ceramics is an icon of American design.

This is not a traditional ceramics or craft exhibition – it combines historic objects, photographs,
documentary video and personal memorabilia to showcase Heath’s legacy and story. Do not miss it!

1000 Oak Street
Oakland, CA 94607



Ventura County Potter's GuildVentura County Potters’ Guild
Logan Gallery
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 17, 2022 / 2-4 pm
This exhibition features artist-members of the Ventura County Potters’ Guild
Founded in 1957, the guild has grown into a nonprofit corporation with a mission to stimulate public interest and appreciation of the arts of creative ceramic pottery and sculpture. The Ventura County Potters’ Guild is committed to providing a forum for local potters who share their experiences and knowledge of clay through general meetings with invited specialists in the field of ceramics providing demonstrations, lectures, slide presentations, and workshops.
September 17 – October 29, 2022

Sandy Calles Mid-Century #1 – Ceramic


Come to the Artery at 207 G Street, Davis, California. We are open Monday – Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm, Sunday 12:00 – 5:00pm
In addition to our regular hours, The Artery will be open until 9 pm on Second Friday.


California Modernist Women - Harvey Milk Terminal SFOCalifornia Modernist Women: Groundbreaking Creativity
New exhibition at SFO’s Harvey Milk Terminal 1 features the work of outstanding female artists and designers from the midtwentieth century. Includes Edith Heath and Marguerite Wildenhain

Marvin Lipofsky: International Studio Glass

Marvin Lipofsky: International Studio Glass

International Terminal Departures Level 3, Gallery 4A
Aug 10, 2021 – Sep 25, 2022

Marvin Lipofsky (1938–2016) was a founding member of the American studio glass movement. Throughout his career, Lipofsky explored the limits of form and color in glass and helped to elevate the medium to a fine art. Lipofsky’s most prolific period featured glass sculpture that was initiated in a collaborative setting, such as a factory or workshop, and then finished in his home studio in Berkeley, California.


Deadline: October 12, 2022. URBAN LANDSCAPE
A National Call for Entries
Show Dates: November 4th – January 29th, 2023
Urban Landscape is a juried National Competition/Exhibition. Urban Landscape a complex structure resulting from the interaction between human and environment. It includes social, cultural and economic dimensions. Urban landscapes are formed and shaped mainly under the influence of human activities. What Urban Landscape surround and inspire you, how do these environments influence your life and art?
Juror: Cameron Brian
Mediums: Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Printmaking, Mixed Media and Fiber Art.
AWARDS: First Place: $1,500. Second Place; $1,000. Third Pace: $500.

India Basin Shoreline Park Project
Application Deadline:
September 30, 2022, 12:45 PM
The San Francisco Arts Commission acknowledges that we are on the unceded ancestral homeland of the Ramaytush Ohlone. We affirm the sovereign rights of their community as First Peoples and are committed to supporting the traditional and contemporary evolution of the American Indian community and uplifting contemporary indigenous voices and culture.

The San Francisco Arts Commission is committed to creating a city where all artists and cultural workers have the freedom, resources and platform to share their stories, art and culture and where race does not predetermine one’s success in life. We also acknowledge that we occupy traditional and unceded Ohlone land. Fueled by these beliefs, we commit to addressing the systemic inequities within our agency, the City and County of San Francisco and the broader arts and culture sector. This work requires that we focus on race as we confront inequities of the past, reveal inequities of the present and develop effective strategies to move all of us towards an equitable future.

Are you ready for an indoor show? Note that this event has relocated to Pleasanton, since the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond was sold.

Craneway Craft Fair
The 51st Annual KPFA Holiday Benefit Craft Fair
December 3 & 4, 10am – 5pm both days
Alameda County Fairgrounds
Taking place indoors at the Alameda County Fairgrounds, the winter fair features 200 artists & craftspeople, and a special live KPFA broadcast from the fair both mornings. The new location also provides an opportunity for our exhibitors to reach new markets in a very wealthy part of the Bay Area. Pleasanton is well connected to the south and east bay, and we’ll be running a new and improved shuttle service to keep this event Bartable.

‘Gifts ‘n Tyme Holiday Faire’
November 18, 19 & 20, 2022, Napa, CA
From Kim Patillo
Hi Everyone,
Hope you’re all having a great summer and are as grateful as we are to be seeing some of our favorite shows starting up again! And that includes the 48th Annual ‘Gifts ‘n Tyme Holiday Faire’ to be held on Nov. 18, 19 & 20 in the Chardonnay Hall at the Napa Valley Expo in Napa. As we told you earlier this year we’re turning the reins over to Chelley at Eckerstrom Productions, but she and we will be working closely together this year to bring back the awesome event it’s always been. Chelley intends to keep the layout, format, and holiday feel of the show as it’s been in the past; she was a vendor at the show for many years herself. Advertising has already began, including reserved billboards on Hwy 29 and banners all around Napa as always.

The first jurying deadline will be August 1, so if you haven’t sent in your application, now would be the time to do so. If the show is not full, we will jury once a month till full. Chelley and we will do the jurying together, and if you’re a past participant that would like the same space, please make sure to state that on your application. The application is attached. You will be notified by the end of August as to acceptance/rejection. There are no refunds once accepted into this Fair.

Any questions, please contact Chelley at
Thanks for reading, and have a great summer season & happy shows!

The Princeton Arts Fellowship is open to early career artists whose achievements have been recognized as demonstrating extraordinary promise in any area of artistic practice and teaching. Princeton Arts Fellows spend two consecutive academic years at Princeton University. An $88,000/year stipend is provided. Applications are due September 13.

Job Posting: Studio Tech
Potters’ Studio is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization located in Berkeley, CA 2 positions.
Position Description:
The Studio Tech sees to the routine maintenance and functioning of the studio and reports to the Operations Manager. There are 2 part-time positions available. Must be available to work weekends. These positions are seasonal (mid/late September through the end of December 2022) with the potential for long-term employment.
Immediate opening; Part-time: $19 to $20 per hour. There is an initial 90-day evaluation period with review.

Email cover letter and resumé. The cover letter should include why you would be a good fit, what you’d bring to the organization and what appeals to you about this position. No phone calls please.

The Potters’ Studio is an Equal Opportunity Employer that does not discriminate on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex (which includes pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and medical conditions related to pregnancy,
childbirth or breastfeeding), gender, gender identity, and gender expression, religious creed, disability (mental and physical) including HIV and AIDS, medical condition (cancer and genetic characteristics ), genetic information, age, marital status, sexual orientation, military and veteran status, denial of family and medical care leave , or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law. Our management team is dedicated to this policy with respect to recruitment, hiring, placement, promotion, transfer, training, compensation, benefits, employee activities and general treatment during employment.
Bobbi Fabian, Executive Director, The Potters’ Studio | she/her/hers
1221 8th Street, Berkeley CA 94710 (510) 528-3286

Sonoma Ceramics.
We offer two, 6-month, all-inclusive residencies per year for potters or ceramic sculptors. Applications are open for this 6-month, all inclusive residency. Open to potters and sculptors on a professional trajectory. The Ceramic Artist in Residence program offers a self- directed emerging or established ceramic artist a supportive work environment to explore ideas and create a cohesive body of work.