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Functional and Sculptural Art on a Glass Canvas ACGA Membership Liaison
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As a child I grew up in countries spanning three continents, following a parent's quest for scientific research, using radio antennae. Nature was a consistent and reliable friend that followed me everywhere, no matter where I found myself. Some of my earliest memories are of creating stone, acorn, or shell people, but one of my most vivid memories is sitting on a boulder at the edge of the garden for what seemed to be hours, excavating and collecting layer upon layer of tiny fragments of mica.
I loved mica! It was tactile, smooth, shiny, reflective, transparent, and mysterious. Many years later, following several of life's milestones, I came to rediscover mica in the form of fused, and more recently cast and etched glass.

There is an unspeakable beauty about glass---it is in one moment strong and forceful, and in another fragile and vulnerable, somewhat like nature and the human condition. It can go from solid to liquid and liquid to solid. In one moment it can behave as you expect and, in another moment, surprise you at every turn. The property of glass holds the essence of all nature for me.


Glass is my canvas in many forms---primarily fused, but sometimes etched or cast. Drawn to the simple lines of my Scandanavian heritage and the exquisite and peaceful beauty of Japanese design, I have a deep love for creating functional fused glass artwork that adds novelty to our everyday lives. The form it takes may be a piece of home decor, such as a fused glass knob, pull, tile, or sink. Many of my pieces are crossovers between something that is functional and something that is decorative. Occasionally, I am inspired to create a purely decorative or sculptural piece. However, when you look closely at my work, from the smallest knob to the largest sculptural piece, it all embodies a celebration of the natural world.

Current Work
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Tryptych-Time (Kilnformed Glass)
Work Image 4
Contrast Bowls
Work image 2
Time-detail shot
Work Image 5
Tree of Tranquility
Work image 3
Every Drop Counts
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ACGA Clay and Glass Festival 2019

July • 10:00 am – 5:00 pm Palo Alto Art Center
1313 Newell Rd., Palo Alto, CA

Over 135 clay and glass artists Hands-on clay activities
Clay and glass demonstrations Gourmet food and coffee

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