High-Fire Ceramics for the Kitchen and Table

Eight Thursdays: September 17 through November 5, 7–9pm


In this eight-week intermediate-level class we will explore and learn about the processes for hand-building kitchenware. From his unique perspective as a chef, Sante will talk about making ceramic vessels for cooking and serving food. Together we will:

  • Focus on creating everyday functional pieces for the kitchen and home.
  • Discuss how to identify the best mold-making forms.
  • Create tableware sets that will enhance any food serving style.
  • Consider how to incorporate special finishes that underscore the handmade aspects of your work.
  • Practice letting go of fear and letting your developing skills take over.
  • Develop and share your personal goals regarding your work.

Week One: Dinnerware 1: Overview – slabs, mold-making
Week Two: Dinnerware 2: Bowls and plates
Week Three: Dinnerware 2: Mugs and tumblers

Week Four: Cookware 1: Casseroles, grill trays and other ovenware
Week Five: Cookware 2: Feet, handles, and knobs
Week Six: Cookware 3: Combining throwing and hand-building, oven casseroles
Week Seven: Other kitchen containers – cruets, bottles, pitchers and spouts
Week Eight: Final demos, discuss glazing and recipes

Sante Salvoni is a potter and former chef whose work focuses mostly on forms that accent the cooking and serving of food. He is proficient at both wheel-throwing and hand-building and the investigation of combining these techniques. Sante believes that all meals are complemented by handmade ceramics. As a firm believer in community, not competition, he thrives on sharing his knowledge and learning from students at all levels. His students note that his on-the-spot demos are a particular highlight of his classes. While all of Sante’s work is dishwasher safe, it doesn’t always fit in the dishwasher properly! Sante is a member of The Potters’ Studio Board of Directors.