In the Garden: Vessels for Flowers and Plants with Scott Jennings

Eight Thursdays: September 17 through November 5, 1—3pm

This eight-week intermediate-level hand-building class focuses on creating vessels that hold flowers and plants or are used in the garden. Scott will guide and advise students who wish to work on individual ideas or projects. Participants will be encouraged to repeat projects and to discuss works in progress as well as to look at finished pieces critically. The goal is to help improve craftsmanship and to learn to make ceramics that are well constructed and meaningful to you. Demonstrations are suggestions of techniques or projects; please feel free to do whatever you are interested in during this class.

Week One:
Darted soft-slab vases
Week Two:
Advanced coiling techniques for planters
Week Three:
Coloring clay and making slip
Week Four:
Hard-slab garden lanterns
Week Five:
Making and using bisque molds
Week Six:
Flower bricks
Week Seven:
Watering cans
Week Eight: Advanced glazing strategies