Exploring the Clay Surface with Sharon Virtue

Eight Wednesdays: September 16 through November 4, 10:30am—12pm


This is an eight-week series of mini-classes covering a wide variety of surface treatments for low-fire, mid-fire and high-fire applications. Take one mini-class or take all eight! Prior to each class, participants will receive a list of suggested tools and supplies. We suggest purchasing a basic clay-kit ($20) and a set of underglazes ($30) at our studio (if you don’t already own these things). Clay and some supplies will be included and can be picked up at the studio before classes start. The last class will require purchasing some special glaze online or at a local supplier like Clay People.

Week One: Texturing the Surface of Clay

Week Two: Inkjet Printer Image Transfer and Laser Print Underglaze Transfer 

Week Three: Scraffito

Week Four: Mishima

Week Five: Slip-Painted Newsprint Transfers

Week Six: Wax- and Water-Etching

Week Seven: Slip-Trailing

Week Eight: Majolica-Style Painting with Mid-Temperature Glaze

Sharon has worked with clay for over 30 years in unconventional ways. She began during her BA program at Sheffield Poly in UK, where she studied film and painting and sculpture. She began teaching ceramics in 1998 at Ruby’s Clay Studio in San Francisco, where she developed the Mud Bus project, a community outreach program bringing ceramics to under-served communities. In 2006 she was the Artist in Residence at the De Young Museum and built a mud hut in the galleries with visitors. In 2010 she was awarded the International Residency Award from NCECA and worked with women in northern Ghana on coil-building techniques. In 2013 she completed her MA in Community Arts from Goldsmiths University in London. She has been teaching ceramics at The Potters’ Studio since 2019. The functional work that she makes combines throwing, altering and hand-building techniques and reflects her love of color and surface pattern inspired by international travel.