• Erin McGuiness: Playing the Long Game

    This is another installment in an ongoing monthly feature dedicated to spotlighting an ACGA member and learning more about their work, studio practice, and philosophy. Want to be featured in an upcoming spotlight? Email us to have your work featured in an upcoming post! Tell us a little bit about yourself. I am

  • Last Days of the Woody Girls at Trax Gallery

    Just a few days left to see a wonderful exhibition of The Woody Girls, Elisa Helland-Hansen, Linda Christianson, Lindsay Oesterritter, and Jan McKeachie-Johnston. Through June 26th, 2016 at Trax Gallery. Lots of rich surfaces and wonderful color form the firing and clay. It’s your best chance to see work from these potters.

  • Crib Notes: The Studio of Linda Fahey

    About Crib Notes: I’ve often wondered how other artists work in their own spaces and how their environment impacts what they make, and vice versa. It seems to me my own working environment is a separate expression from my pottery, yet it is similar. I imagine other artists in the ACGA

  • Craig Easter: 1953-2016

    One of our longtime ACGA Exhibiting members, Craig Easter, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away after a heart attack. This is sad news for our community, Craig was a prominent member who was known by many and made beautiful work. He was also a longtime teacher at The Clay Mix in Fresno

  • Letter from the President: Scheduling Social Media Time

    Summertime is upon us, and now is a crucial time to be productive! Especially for us ACGA folks with shows such as Palo Alto hanging in the midst (yahoo)! In a field where everything hinges on the tangible object, so many artists, including myself, struggle with how much time and

  • Interested in Website Help, or a Web Make-Over?

    Your website is your portal to customers. If more customers visit your site and see your work, that’s great for your business. I am Ken Metheny, the Owner of Metheny Systems Consulting, and I am a WordPress Web developer. I built this site for ACGA, and I really enjoy working

  • The Workshop Junkie: Tips for Choosing Workshops

    I am a workshop junkie. I became addicted to all things clay rather late in life after getting a degree in textiles at CCAC and a 30-year career in the garment industry running a children’s clothing business. Though that pottery wheel scene with Demi and Patrick in the movie Ghost

  • The ACGA at the Davis Art Center

    The ACGA has been regularly showing at the Davis Art Center in conjunction with the California Conference of Ceramic Art during the month of May. This year the artists were juried by Robert Brady, who has his ceramic work widely exhibited both nationally and internationally.  The following artists were selected for

  • Go to Nicaragua with Potters for Peace

    Potters for Peace is a US-based non-profit that works in two clay-related fields: working with subsistence potters in Central America and working throughout the world to assist with the establishment of factories that produce ceramic water filters. This year in conjunction with Adamah Clay Studios in Dodgeville, Wisconsin two potters

  • From the President: Meet Up Event May 25

    I was trying to think of what to write in this month’s newsletter, I have been working through new ideas in my studio and thought that might be a good start, and then I saw a work of art today that made a massive impact. It brought me to my knees.

  • Wesley Wright: Youth Spirit Artworks Project in Berkeley

    Wesley Wright, an ACGA Exhibiting member as well as a member of our Board of Directors and our Social Media Manager, is working with Youth Spirit Artworks to design and create a ceramic mural and mosaic bench honoring Frances Townes. Townes founded the Berkeley Ecumenical Chaplaincy to the Homeless in

  • Ceramicist Mary Mar Keenan Keeps Food at the Center of Her Pottery

    We get very excited when one of our ACGA members is spotlighted in the press for some well-deserved attention. Mary Mar Keenan was featured on Saveur’s website for her ceramic tableware, used by a handful of San Francisco restaurants including The Progress. It is incredible how many pieces Mary Mar cranks out of