Double Take: Ceramic Sculpture with Natasha Dikareva and Katie Swan

  • Opening reception on July 1 from 6 pm - 9 pm

A new show at Clay By The Bay Gallery featuring ACGA artists Katie Swan and Natasha Dikareva.

The exhibition will be on display July 1-July 26

Slow down, take a deep breath, and look again at what you thought you
understood. This is what the ceramics art of Natasha Dikareva and Katie
Swan call us to do. Double Take tells as a story of a dance between the
familiar and the extrinsic. Discover a new world of ceramic arts.

Dikareva’s latest work develops during an intensely introspective
process, confronting the idea of physical security. These sculptures reflect a concern with current events and an imagined biological response to a world that has been decimated by industrialization, war and pandemic. New life springs from shells which have survived the collapse, offering a sense of optimism and security, a sanctuary from the adverse effects of an over-industrialized world.

Katie Swan’s newest collection explores the organic responses that can be achieved when working with clay. The interaction between the sculptor and the clay body breeds work that is both reminiscent of the human body and forms found in nature. Swan views working with clay as a dynamic experience and stresses the importance of constantly moving both herself and her work as to best observe the movement of the clay. As a result, Swan’s work also calls us to be always on the move in order to find a new point of view, so take a deeper look.

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