Liza Riddle and Mark Goudy: La Nouvelle Vague Californienne

ACGA members Liza Riddle and Mark Goudy are both showing their work at Le Don du Fel, the European Center for Contemporary Ceramics in Aurillac, France. The show is titled “La Nouvelle Vague Californienne” (The New California Wave) and will be showing March 26 through May 11.

See the show online here.

Show description (translated from French):

Mark Goudy and Liza Riddle are part of this new generation whose language is deliberately more intimate than that of their grandfathers on the West Coast of the 1960s. The fulgurances of Voulkos and his friends remain victories still to be celebrated, Californian artists look, like the whole of society, towards the individual, towards his need for sensual and cultural “reassurance” in a world where the harshness of human relations and the climatic threat provoke an increasing anguish.
Mark and Liza are recognized worldwide as pioneers in the use of soluble metal salts, relatively unexplored until then. Their creations are therefore clothed in exquisite surfaces with delicate and rare camaïeux. Liza, inspired by the parched earth of California, erects totemic sculptures exploring the unexpected poetry of an arid soil, while Mark offers a gallery of highly tactile shapes, sometimes closed, sometimes open, but always intriguing surfaces and seductive.