Malia Landis: Porcelain Paperclay: Press Moding & Delicate Edges


This course will give students an introduction to making paperclay and hand-building with this specialized material. Students will learn about the advantages and varied uses of paper pulp mixed with their own clay bodies. Starting with a brief slide show highlighting the background and use of paper clay, students will then learn to create their own paper clay and plaster press-molds to obtain texture and thin,
delicate edges.

Malia is an artist and teacher living and creating in Crockett, California. Born and raised in St. Helena California and on the Big Island of Hawaii, Malia is inspired by both of these places. She received her Bachelors of Arts from Humboldt State University in 2010 and Masters in Fine Arts from San Jose State University in 2014. Malia loves to make, teach, fire, and hike.


$90 members

$20 materials fee due at time of registration covers your first bag of clay, firing, and glazes. 


Ages 18+

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