Sandra Torres: Small Differences

  • Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday: noon to 5 pm.

On First Friday April 7, ACGA Exhibiting Member Sandra Torres’  “Small Differences” will open at Plinth Gallery.  The new ceramic work by this California-based artist represents her continued exploration into the many significant variations of shape, size and patterns of porcelain.  Sandra has chosen a process that allows her to create contrast of color while maintaining the soft bare feeling and translucency of the porcelain, delicate to the sight, yet strong to the touch.

Sandra’s work is based on the simplicity of shape and the qualities inherent in porcelain clay such as thinness and translucence.  Porcelain reacts to handling and when being formed, develops  “memory” that moves with the high temperature of firing. The “pyroplasticity” of porcelain has often been referred to as “the clay having a life of its own.” Once Sandra has formed the shape of her vessels, ceramic colors in many different shades are applied, giving this hard-white surface the soft yet defined edges creating the signature of her work.

Torres was educated in Mexico City and received degrees in architecture and business administration before starting her ceramics training at the Alberto Diaz de Cossio Ceramic Workshop.  She has studied in Kecskemet, Hungary, Jingdezhen, China and Genk, Belgium. She currently resides in Santa Barbara, CA where she maintains her studio practice.  Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions and galleries, including the 2015 exhibition, “The Slip-Cast Object Revisited” at Plinth Gallery.

Plinth Gallery curator Jonathan Kaplan describes Sandra Torres porcelain work as, “simple, unpretentious, yet highly dramatic when viewed as individual pieces or as compositions. They are highly intimate and accessible. It is a pleasure to exhibit work that speaks so well of materiality as well as design.”