ACGA Board Meeting Minutes
5:30 p.m., December 12, 2022 via Zoom

Present: Cheryl Costantini (President), Mari Emori (Vice-President), April Zilber (Treasurer), Sally Jackson (Secretary), Jan Schachter, Lee Middleman, Susie Rubenstein, Ren Lee, Emil Yanos, Ian Bassett, Joe Battiato, Bonita Cohn, Trudy Chiddix, Chris Johnson, Chelsea Fried Guests: Barbara Prodaniuk, Margaret Norman

Welcome (Cheryl)
Congratulations to ACGA Board member Ian Bassett for the photo of his work that appears on the cover of the current issue of Ceramics Monthly magazine. Mari Emori, Chris Johnson, and Lee Middleman have also received awards and recognition for their work recently.

It is time to invite new members onto the ACGA board. Please nominate those who you think would be interested (including yourself).

Treasurer’s Report (April)
As of November 30, our total assets are $84,797.62. Income will better match our 2022 Budget as the rest of our membership renewals come in. This will also balance the budget, which currently shows expenses greater than income.

Festival Report (April)
Annie Hermes at Messenger Events would like to know if we plan to restore festival activities that have been on hold because of the pandemic. These include Clay-for-All, the artists’ party in the Sculpture Garden on Saturday, and the Artists’ Showcase. Each of these involves additional expenses and extra volunteers. The board leans

toward keeping Clay-for-All and the Artists’ Party in some form, but eliminating the Artists’ Showcase. Early next year, after new board members are elected, April will refresh the Festival Committee to look at these options and make recommendations. You do not need to be a board member in order to serve on this committee.

Jury Report (Chris)
The October jury has admitted seven new artists to festival-eligible status. Chris proposed a jurying protocol that includes two meetings of the jurors, one immediately upon receipt of the entries, and a second after the jurors have had time to consider their judgments more carefully. He expressed appreciation for the jurors’ conscientious discussions and scrutiny of the entries. The next jury will be held in March 2023.

CONGRATULATIONS to these artists! We look forward to seeing you at the festival:

Kevin Scheer, Loren Lukens, Holly Coley, Pierre Bounaud, Cory Ballis, Marienne Chapman, and Tamara Danoyan.

Board Nominations (Cheryl, April)

Six of our incumbent board members are up for reelection. Three of them have agreed to appear on the next ballot: Emil Yanos, Joe Battiato, and Mari Emori. The deadline for nominating others for the board is December 19th. We would like to acknowledge the service of all our board members, particularly the three whose terms are ending: Ian Bassett, Bonita Cohn, and Chelsea Fried. All of them have made great contributions to ACGA. THANK YOU!!

Membership (Emil)

Despite best-laid plans, the renewal notice did not go out quite as planned. Emil has had some emails from members who are confused by the renewal process. He hopes to have all glitches fixed for next year. In particular, we need all renewals to have an end-date of December 31 in any given year. That way we know exactly who’s eligible for the festival.

Communications (Ren)

Ren acknowledged the hard work of Chelsea Fried, Susie Rubenstein, and Cheryl Costantini in launching the new Communications Committee. Communications is now “live” and needs members to submit content. All members received an email this week with the appropriate link. Our news email address <news@acga.net> will be assigned to Ren so that she can send and receive information.

All-Member Meeting/Board Retreat (Cheryl)

At our next board meeting, we will finalize a date and a venue for the 2023 All-Members Meeting. Cheryl will look for a location where we could have a hybrid in-person/online meeting with the right audio/video technology (e.g., a public library).

The meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m.
Date of Next Meeting: Monday, January 3, 2023
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