Sebastopol Center for the Arts
October 10 – November 24, 2020

Eliza Wilson Thomas

This exhibit is an exploration of identity, including its genesis, its relative permanence, and its performance. Is it something that comes from within? Is it imposed on one through social interactions? Is it adopted over time? What is the nature of this key element of how we understand and express ourselves. Specifically, artists were asked:

How is your identity informed by your ethnicity, who you love, your gender, your political or religious beliefs, the culture that resonates within you? How has your identity changed over the years? In what ways has your identity shaped or changed your life? Does the world see and accept you for who you are?

We hope art will help give voice to that which defines identity for a given person.. It can be very personal, or it can highlight a person or a cause that is about the concept.

“What We Bring to the Table” by Eliza Wilson Thomas  is included in this exhibit.

Natural Shift - Transformatons in Clay-Paper-Trees - The Studio Door Gallery, San Diego

Natural Shift, a new exhibition by Pierre Bounaud, Sue Britt, and Vanessa and Bruce Backer

The Studio Door Gallery

3867 Fourth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103-3113 between University Avenue and Robinson Avenue in the Hillcrest Neighborhood.

The exhibition features 2D and 3D works in clay, paper and trees.

Natural Shift is an exhibition of work by four artists who make unusual shifts in thinking about natural materials to create work inspired by nature. Pierre Bounaud sees clay as architecture and color as a chance to experiment. The shift reveals colorful sculptural vessels and geometric abstract structures. Sue Britt sees landscapes as stories and unmasks our connection to land with dimensional paper landscapes. Vanessa and Bruce Backer see fallen logs as foundational forms complimented by ceramic forms to create daring and playful sculptures. The result of these shifts is a display of forms and colors inspired by the power of Nature.