CELMA KIRKWOOD is exhibiting her ceramics at Gallery House in Palo Alto.

Now through the end of September.

Gallery House is located at 320 S. California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301 – Enter through Printer’s Café

“Having worked as an architect for many years, it was very natural to feel the attraction to pottery as a way of expression, as I could use three-dimensional shapes in a much more free and organic way. Each one of my pieces is an adventure; I generally don’t have a clear plan before I start, and I let my hands and the clay decide what to do. 

Gradually my aesthetic sense comes to play to improve and to refine the piece. The rest of the work is patience, and more patience” – Celma Kirkwood

Email: CelmaKirkwood@gmail.com 

Phone: 650-575-2056