NY2CA Gallery Presents “Reciprocity”

A two-person exhibition by Melina Meza and Melissa Woodburn

Reception for artists – June 10, 3 -6pm

Immerse yourself in the beauty of artistic expressions and celebrate the reciprocal relationship between art, nature, and the human spirit. At the reception for artists, experience visual delight, harmonious sounds, and culinary pleasures as they seamlessly come together at this extraordinary exhibition.

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Vicki Gunter’s ceramic sculpture COSMIC OCEAN …In Everything Series
Portals An NCWCA Member Exhibition
Exhibition Dates: June 17 – August 12, 2023
Location: Online exhibit at & Arc Studios & Gallery at
Opening Reception: Saturday, 6/17/23, 7-9pm @ Arc Studios & Gallery

I’ve longed to sculpt ocean waves. So, when fellow artist Elizabeth Addison invited me to sculpt mandalas, translation = The Universe, The One…The Many. That clicked. Welcome to Cosmic Ocean. All living things on Earth store a genetic recipe using the same DNA molecules from the star stuff of the cosmos and our oceans. DNA helixes twist on Cosmic Ocean’s waves and pedestal. This piece is coil plus slab built and wheel thrown.

This exhibition features artwork from 92 members of Northern California’s Women’s Caucus for Art that tells a story, invites the viewer into other realms, evokes transcendence, or inspires a good laugh. All 92 artworks will be exhibited in the Portals Online Gallery and in the Portals exhibition catalog.

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