ACGA Newsletter May 2023


The prestigious ACGA Clay & Glass Festival in Palo Alto celebrates 30 years this year! Scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, July 15 and 16, at the Palo Alto Art Center, 1313 Newell Road, this year promises to be an awesome art experience for all.

For two days, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., California’s top clay and glass artists will offer their finest work for purchase. More than 100 juried artists are participating. There will also be live demos, food and drink. Admission is free, and valet parking is available.

From functional to fine art, the beloved ACGA Clay & Glass Festival has it all. ACGA artists are still welcome to participate by contacting Festival Producer Annie Hermes of Messenger Events at

We look forward to seeing you July 15 and 16!

30th Annual ACGA Clay & Glass Festival July 15 - 16


Glenn Evans - 2023 ACGA Clay & Glass Festival


I am drawn by the juxtaposition of precise geometric forms with natural, organic ones. When I look at the Golden Gate Bridge I see the triangles, rectangles and parabolas that create its strength, resilience, and stability. Simultaneously, I see the sparkle, reflections, shadows, and movement of the environs that no human designed yet are intrinsic to its beauty and to my aesthetic experience. I am guided by the same principles in creating fused glass – precisely executed geometric forms integrated with organic shapes and color.

Over the last year or so I have been particularly fascinated by the transformation of precise geometric arrangements into intricate organic patterns using drop rings of various sizes. For this submission I have focused on a recent series which uses a variety of pattern-bar-like components as the starting point for each piece. This approach demands exactitude in the assembly and cold work, yet the final result depends equally on the serendipity that happens in the unseen red glow of the kiln.

Glenn Evans

Gabriela Montufar - student ACGA


Growing up in an artistic family in Atlanta, Georgia, I always had art supplies at hand and was encouraged to play and experiment. When I settled in San Francisco, California as a young adult, I discovered my love of ceramics at City College of San Francisco. I studied the medium independently while traveling in Mexico and Central America, and later earned an MFA in Applied Craft and Design from Pacific Northwest College of Art / Oregon College of Art and Craft. I also hold a BA in Sociology from Brandeis University.

Spiritual traditions of various cultures and archetypal symbols have long interested me. Over the years, I’ve integrated those visual elements in my art while applying contemporary designs and patterns. I have exhibited art in San Francisco, Pacifica, Oakland, Portland, and Seattle. After a long hiatus from exhibiting while working in academia, I reemerged in several art shows in 2022. I make my work at a community ceramics studio and at my kitchen table in San Francisco.

Rachel Cox

Kevin Scheer - 2023 ACGA CLay & Glass Festival


Although my strongest passion lies in the ceramic arts, I have spent over 30 years in a variety of disciplines ranging from photography and jewelry, to studying acoustic guitar and publishing photo-realistic art. I feel that my diverse interests have provided me with a broader understanding of how we all interact with and truly need art in our daily lives to nourish ourselves.

Having taken ceramic courses at a variety of facilities and having my own studio, I consider myself mostly self-taught. I do enjoy studying work from students of the Leach/Hamada tradition and have currently been influenced by those who studied under these two great craftsmen. I believe I am continually on my journey of working toward my own aesthetic and individual style, further defining myself as a unique ceramic artist.

Kevin Scheer

Moran Nhel - 2023 ACGA CLay & Glass Festival


Moran was born in Cambodia, near the border of Vietnam.  Cambodian art & culture, Angkor Wat, and the natural tropical landscapes (forests, rivers & the great lake Tonle Sap) influenced his artistic mind.  As a boy, he entertained himself by making figures of animals & people from clay found in the riverbanks.  As the Vietnam War came to an end, the Cambodian Genocide by the Khmer Rouge began.  Moran was separated from his family as a teen during the brutal Khmer Rouge regime. In 1975 he escaped and made his way to a refugee camp in Thailand. A year later, he arrived in San Bernardino, California as part of a US refugee program.  After learning English and earning his GED, Moran started college at Cal State San Bernardino in 1978.  In 1980, he studied abroad for a semester at the University of Paris.  The art and culture in France changed his outlook and his major.  During college Moran showed his work in Southern California art festivals such as Burbank – 1985, La Quinta – 1985, & Beverly Hills – 1986.  Moran earned a Dual Bachelor’s Degree in French and Fine Arts, with an emphasis in glass sculpture at Cal State University, San Bernardino in 1986.  Over the years, his style has changed from sculpting a single subject in one material – stone, bronze, glass or ceramics; to incorporating a mixture of those media in order to create a complete artistic idea.  Currently, Moran is focusing on fused glass art.

Moran Nhel


ACGA Visits Scott Jennings
MoonDoBang 2023 USA Tour

Moments in Time and Space

Ceramics by Claudia Tarantino, Bill Heiderich and Daniel Alejandro Trejo

April 14 – June 12, 2023  

Pence Gallery, 212 D Street, Davis, CA

My trompe l’oeil sculpture is narrative still life in porcelain.

Time is the thread in my work. — Claudia Tarantino

“I have described my work as “moments in time, past and present,” so it was fitting to be invited by Natalie Nelson, Director of The Pence Gallery in Davis, CA, to be in an exhibit entitled Moments in Time and Space. She contacted me more than a year and a half ago and invited me to exhibit in April of 2023. The show would run for 2 months. Having followed my work for a while, Natalie said she felt the show need not be limited to the most recent work. Both the continuity and change in my work over the years fit the theme of the exhibit. There are twelve sculptures in this exhibit, spanning 12 years.

“When we were finally able to schedule a studio visit, Natalie and I hit it off immediately. She loved the new work, still in process, which is larger in scale than previous pieces. “THERE WAS A TIME” which deals with the patina of time on objects past their usefulness, possibly long forgotten, and stored away, is my most recent sculpture.

“MOMENTS IN TIME” brings together memorabilia from four generations of my family, from my Italian immigrant great grandparents and grandparents to my sister and me as children saying our prayers.

“Natalie also gravitated to several favorite earlier sculptures, which captured moments as I remembered them. “FAVORITE RECIPES” 2011 pays homage to my paternal grandmother and replicates her recipe box and handwriting. Another, “COLLECTIONS” also from 2011, shows the treasures of a little girl, me, collected and saved through the years. “WORKING WOMEN,” from 2019 holds a photo of my maternal grandmother and fellow women workers circa 1923.

“As I move up in years and contend with one day becoming a memory myself, I hope that the sculptures I have created will convey the memories they reference, and the universal memories that all people share in similar and disparate ways.

“It was a pleasure to show with Bill Heiderich and Daniel Alejandro Trejo, whose very different approaches to objects in time and space were a compliment to mine.

Claudia Tarantino grew up in San Francisco and received her BA in Art from Dominican College of San Rafael, CA. She has been working in clay ever since, as a production potter for the first 10 years and thereafter as a sculptor, working exclusively in porcelain. A two-time recipient of Marin Arts Council Individual Artist Grants, her work is exhibited nationally and her sculptures are in many private collections and museums. Images and reviews of Claudia’s work have been published in numerous books and magazines.  Claudia lives in San Anselmo, CA with her husband, artist Bill Abright. They share a spacious studio built under their hillside home. They have two adult sons, Oben Abright and Guston Abright, both artists.

Submitted by Claudia Tarantino @claudiatarantinoart

Mari Emori ACGA

Mari Emori “Celestial” – 19″H x 13″W x9″D – 2022

Mari Emori Awarded 1st Place

Mari was awarded 1st placefor her sculpture “Celestial” in OFF CENTER, An International Ceramic Art Competition, by juror Garth Johnson, Paul Phillips and Sharon Sullivan Curator of Ceramics at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, New York.

“My “Drop Series” is deeply inspired by nature, both its beauty and the destructive power of its forces, as a single drop of water signifies life and the environment. I create pieces that reflect my connection to the natural world. When I’m not in the studio, I love to spend time in nature, hiking and wandering, always taking in new impressions that find their way into my work.

“Most recently, I have been looking toward the night sky, inspired by a renewed interest in space exploration. I have expanded my “Drop Series” and created variations representing our universe and its beauty. “Celestial” represents the vastness of our universe, inspired by our galaxy. Wispy arms of stars reach out amidst a sea of emptiness while a mass of heavenly bodies cluster around a center that could be a black hole or a portal to the unknown.”

OFF CENTER: April 8 – May 20, 2023

Blue Line Arts: 405 Vernon St #100, Roseville, CA 95678

Submitted by Mari Emori  @emoriceramics

Persona – Deborah Bridges

Persona - Deborah Bridges

Second Saturday Art Walks May 13, open through 8pm and online at

‘Persona’ is an ongoing series of works by Deborah Bridges. The exploration of an idea in a piece is central to Deborah’s art. She works in a series until the idea is exhausted within the form.  This current body of work, “Persona”,  began in 2018. When asked what is it that she is expressing in these serious faces with masks and puppet-like bodies?  She says,  “I love the incongruity of them. I love the complicated and mysterious humanity of them.  My figures are grappling with the full range of human experience, the dark as well as the light. The face paint points to the masks we wear as we try to hold on to the stories of our apparent separate selfhood, our personas.”

Reposted from

Meet Your Board Member: Ren Lee

Boardmember Emil Yanos

I’ve been a working artist all my life, starting as a graphic artist, moving through years of freelancing and then corporate creative directing and then as an entrepreneur. It took a divorce to get me into clay: when a friend suggested pounding clay would be good therapy, I jumped at the opportunity and found my true calling in a handbuilding class at Sunset Canyon Pottery just outside of Austin Texas. I made my first ‘juju doll’ there, probably with voodoo in mind, but these gestural clay figures have become an ongoing source of inspiration in my practice, evoking the spirit of unseen but felt presences.

My background reads like an epic journey novel or the diaries of Lewis and Clark: exploring uncharted possibilities and doubling back to investigate another tack. I started college as a wildlife science major, thinking how fun it would be to play with furry critters all day and was dismayed to learn it was more about figuring out how many you could “harvest” per year, a prospect that I found unbearable. I switched to biology spent time studying bats in the field but my near total lack of pigment made the prospect of spending lots of time outdoors untenable unless I wanted to specialize in nocturnal species. Since I turn into a pumpkin myself when the sun goes down, I needed to rethink my goals, but if I ever go on Jeopardy I have the Animalia category covered.

When one of my elective art professors suggested I apply for the MFA program at Utah State University, I felt like I was in my own element at last, and was lucky enough to be hired as a junior graphic designer in Los Angeles back in the day, working for some very good design houses including the Weller Institute, Saul Bass/Herb Yager, and Advertising Designers. Those jobs led to some teaching gigs in Arizona, Utah, and Texas. I continued to freelance until I found myself sucked into the vortex of corporate communications where I spent 13 years as a Creative Director promoting deli sandwiches and when I finally got out of that I wanted nothing more than to balance my karma.

Fast forward to the present day: I work out of Clay Hand Studios @clayhandstudios in Fresno where the people are great and the winter weather is lovely (summer not so much), and it turns out that the San Joaquin Valley is a perfect place to practice art. I’m in the studio almost every day, working on my own projects or teaching handbuilding classes to avid learners. I still make juju figures a/k/a spirit dolls, but have expanded my repertoire to include sentient animals in objective and functional sculpture, mythical presences and the occasional functional piece. I look forward every year to the ACGA Clay and Glass Festival in Palo Alto and spending time with family in the area. I love being on the ACGA board’s Communications Team, editing the newsletter, and am excited about things to come. I’m also active with the San Joaquin Clay and Glass association @sanjoaquinclayandglass on Instagram.

If you have a story to tell, please send it to me or publish it on ACGA News or Events

Events Calendar –

News Stories –

Submitted by Ren Lee, ACGA Communications Team, @renleestudio


Press Mold and Paper Clay Techniques Workshop


Saturday June 10th, 10am -4pm

Non Student Rate $70 Student Rate $50

Register at this address:

Join Wes and Malia for a collaborative workshop with hands on demonstrations! The workshop will begin with lectures discussing the broader applications of their process, followed by concurrent demonstrations.

Wesley will use larger press molds to construct an animal totem while Malia will construct flower and plant forms in paper clay to be added to the totem toward the end of the demonstration.

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in the hands on demonstration and work alongside each artist. Use of press molds, ceramic sculpting techniques and how to approach working with paper clay will all be covered…. plus so much more!

Join us for the fun.

Malia Landis @malialandis,

Wesley Wright  @wesleytwrightart,

Reposted from Wesley Wright Instagram

Chris Johnson Glass Mother's Day Workshop

Submitted by Chris Johnson, @chrisjohnsonglass

Alternative Materials and Finishes - Rocky Lewycky




LOCATION: Mendocino Art Center

INSTRUCTOR: Rocky Lewycky
CLASS TITLE: Alternative Materials and Finishes: Stretching the Creative Process
DATE(S):  August 21 – 27, 2023
DAYS OF WEEK: Monday – Sunday
HOURS: 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate/Advanced

COST: $1155

The heart of this workshop is in the exploration of alternative firings. We will be working and exploring everyday with new firing techniques and processes. Students will bring both greenware and bisqueware to the workshop to fulfill each process. You can visit my website and click on “workshops” to see examples of what you will be learning in the workshop. Below is a list of firings that we will be exploring:

–   Ferric Chloride Saggar Burritos
–   Ferric Chloride Spray Over Clear Crackle
–   Pit Fire over Greenware Terra-Sigillata Base
–   Pit Fire over Bisqueware Terra-Sigillata with Mica Colorants Base
–   Horse Hair/Feather Firing with GreenwareTerra-Sigillata Base
–   Cone 7 Seashell Side-Fire with Matte Crystal Glazes (Oxidation)
–   Cone 11 Side-Fire Shino with Wood Ash (Reduction)

Along with our exploration of alternative firing techniques, we will also spend some time experimenting with alternative materials and surface treatments.  will demonstrate how to make and use the following:

–   Greenware Greek Style Terra Sigillata (Greenware)
–   Greenware Terra-Sigillata with Mason Stain Colorants
–   Bisqueware Terra Sigillata with Mica Colorants
–   Paper Clay with Burnout Legumes
–   Feldspar Inclusions
–   Micaceous Clay

Finally, I will teach you how to clean and finish your pots with the following techniques:
–   Dremel Tool Sanding of Side Fire Wares
–   Wax Sealing of Low Fire Wares
–   Introduction to Gold Leafing Materials and Sizing Demo

**Please note that you will need to purchase an organic vapor mask to participate in the Ferric Chloride processes  (~$45). In preparation for the workshop, you will need approximately 20-40 small to medium pieces at various stages of completion. Please allow enough time for this planning. Detailed information will be provided upon registration.

Mendocino Art Center Website

Rocky Lewycky Website

Submitted by Rocky Lewycky @rockylewycky




Painterly – characterized by qualities of color, stroke, or texture perceived as distinctive to the art of painting, especially the rendering of forms and images in terms of color or tonal relations rather than of contour or line.

This show features works by Josie Jurczenia @josiejurczeniaclay, David Swenson, Lisa Orr, Masayuki Miyajima, Ron Meyers, Bede Clarke, Hayne Bayless, and more.

Reposted from Schaller Gallery

Painterly - Schaller Gallery



May 13+14, May 20+21,
11 am – 5 pm

East Bay Open Studios is almost here! Over 185 artists across the East Bay will open their studios to the public so you can discover art where it happens

EBOS is an opportunity to connect to the fabulous artists who live in your cities and neighborhoods. Meet artists, see or purchase their artwork, and build community. The event is free and family-friendly.

EBOS is self-guided and you can visit as many studios as you want. You can use the map on our website to locate studios or download Vibemap to participate in a Treasure Hunt and win prizes. If you need help getting oriented, start at one of our Community Hubs or RSVP to our Opening Celebration and Exhibition at Uptown Station on Friday, May 12. We can’t wait to see you there!

East Bay Open Studios


East Bay Open Studios is a program of Oakland Art Murmur

Deb Sullivan (clay)

3234 Fernside Boulevard, Alameda

Itsuko Zenitani (clay)

731 Jones Street, Berkeley

Mari Emori (clay)

731 Jones Street, Berkeley

Javier Perez (clay)

8001 Terrace Drive, El Cerrito

Vivien Hart (glass)

894 Dewing Avenue, Lafayette

Submitted by Mari Emori  @emoriceramics

East Bay Open Studios 2023
East Bay Open Studios 2023
East Bay Open Studios 2023



Glass Hart Open Studios

Glass Hart Studio opens its doors to visitors during the 2nd weekend of east bay open studios,
May 20-21, 2023, Sat. & Sun. 11-5pm.
Glass Hart Studio is a working kiln-forming glass studio based near downtown Lafayette. You can find glass wall art, sculptural bowls and small gifts. Light refreshments will be served. A convenient 10 minute walk from Lafayette bart. You can also find street parking nearby.

Look forward to seeing you then!

Submitted by Vivien Hart


IG: @vivienhart

San Joaquin Clay & Glass Association Spring Festival
San Joaquin Clay & Glass Association Spring Festival
San Joaquin Clay & Glass Association Spring Festival


The San Joaquin Clay & Glass Spring Festival will be on the grounds of Redeemer Lutheran Church, 1084 W Bullard in Fresno, Saturday, May 13, 10am – 3pm.

The Central Valley’s best clay and glass artists will be presenting their latest fine, fun, and functional works just in time for Mother’s Day. Exhibiting artists include ACGA members Kliss Glass @klissglass, Hannah Witter @hannah.rose_ceramics and Ren Lee @renleestudio will be on hand along with 25 other accomplished local artisans working in clay and glass.

Please like and follow @sanjoaquinclayandglass on Instagram.

Posted by Ren Lee @renleestudio/

North Auburn Studio Tours 2023



The much-anticipated 25 th Anniversary North Auburn Artists’ Studio Tour will be held Mother’s Day weekend, May 13th &14th. Twenty-one well-known North Auburn artists will be showing their art at 14 different studios. The FREE tour is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM.

There are sculptors, ceramic artists, painters, photographers, glass artisans, wood workers, jewelry, textile and fiber artists on the tour. This is an opportunity to watch the artists working in their studios and ask questions about the medium they create in. This is an event that will interest and please the whole family. You may also purchase and take-home original works of art, cards or prints from the studios. An online tour guide is available at the

Submitted by Hannah & Alana Nicholson van Altena

New Soda Kiln at Stanford


June 2,3 &4
10 am-5 pm each day
15576 Waterloo Circle
Truckee, Ca 96161

Come enjoy a lovely day in Truckee,
browse a wide selection of functional
pottery and sculptural pieces in both an
outdoor garden setting and inside my potterystudio.
Posted by Barbara Glynn Prodaniuk

Vicki Gunter

Visions in Clay Call for Entries

Entry is open now through June 26, 2023
Exhibition Juror:
Joan Takayama-Ogawa, Professor of Ceramics and Product Design, Otis College of Art & Design, Los Angeles,California

Gallery & Online Exhibition:
August 28 – September 21, 2023
August 31, 5:00-7:00p.m.

Gallery Awards
$800 | $600 | $400
San Joaquin Potters Guild Founders Award ~ $300
Regional Artist Award $800

Entry Fees:
$30 for 3 entries / $45 up to 6 entries
For the complete Prospectus Guidelines and to enter go to:

– Call for entries
LH Horton Jr. Gallery, San Joaquin Delta College
5151 Pacific Ave.
Stockton, CA


Delicious – A visual art exhibit about culinary delights

Art Works Downtown – Delicious 1337 Fourth Street, San Rafael

April 7–May 20, 2023   Thursday–Saturday, 1–8pm April 14, 5–8pm

OFF CENTER 2023: An International Ceramic Art Competition

April 8 – May 20

Blue Line Arts 405 Vernon St #100, Roseville

OFF CENTER is Blue Line Arts’ annual ceramic art competition, juried each year from entries from across the nation and abroad. The exhibition hosts work from 41 different artists working in a variety of styles, from functional studio pottery to imaginative installations. Alongside OFF CENTER, you can also catch solo exhibitions in different mediums for Nina Temple, Robert Obier, and Brooke Aruffo. Blue Line Arts @bluelinearts, 405 Vernon St #100, Roseville, CA 95678.  Open Tuesday through Saturday from 11–5 pm or by appointment.

ACGA Members Showing

Mary Catherine Bassett: @mcrathergather,

Michele Collier: @burningclay,

Mari Emori: @emoriceramics,

Vince Montague: @vincemontague,

Jan Schachter: @janschachter

Clay & Earth . Where We Stand . NY2CA Gallery

April 20  – June 4

Vicki Gunter exhibits 16 eco-justice ceramic sculptures, as the first invited artist to NY2CA, a new Gallery in Benicia, CA. A Percentage of all Vicki’s sales will equally benefit SFBaykeeper and Sogorea Te’ Land Trust. She is collaborating with Greenpeace creating QR codes for visitors to further explore and contextualize each sculpture. This is a Dual exhibition with NY2CA co-owner and painter Terry Twigg. Your purchase can support art, the SF Bay watershed, Indigenous Ohlone, a new gallery, your joy and sanity!


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Professional Kiln Repair Service
NorCal Kiln Repair- “Professional Bay Area repair service since 2006”
· evaluation & repair: ceramic & glass kilns (gas & electric)
· tutorials: operation, safety, maintenance, custom programming
· evaluation & repair: pottery wheels, pug mills, slab rollers
· ventilation repair & installation / studio safety & setup consultations
· new & used kiln recommendations / appraisals: buying & selling
· ceramics troubleshooting: clays, glaze, construction, firing, etc.
Joseph Kowalczyk (Ko-väl-chick)
kiln & ceramics specialist
510 601-5053 ·

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2023 Officers
President: Mari Emori
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Treasurer: April Zilber
Lee Middleman, Jan Schachter, Joe Battiato, Emil Yanos, Trudy Chiddix, Cheryl Costantini,
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