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In the interest of mutual support, many of the artists will donate a percentage of their proceeds to other non-profits.

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Page 2

Jan Schachter
Joey Weaver
Elaine Hyde
Lynne Meade
Karyn Gabriel
Alan Masaoka
Susie Rubenstein
Mark Bollwinkle
Susan Press
Emil Yanos
Tina Fossella
Janet Wolf
Vivien Hart
Trace Galbraith
Thomas Arakawa
MaryMar Keenan
Joy Imai
Rose Hagan
Cynthia Siegel
James Aarons
Kent Tool
Natasha Dikareva
Sandra Torres
Barbara Grauke
Jane Grimm
Maile Iwanaga
Kathy Pallie
Chris Efstratis
Bill Geisinger
Eliza Thomas
Bruno Kark