Here you will find 2 full pages of artists and contact information for purchasing their work.

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In the interest of mutual support, many of the artists will donate a percentage of their proceeds to other non-profits.

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Beth Ozarow
Jeannine Calcagno
Nichibei Potters
Camille Hoffman
Barbara Sebastian
Barbara Glynn Prodaniuk
April Zilber
Rabun Thompson
Margaret Grisz Dow
Marilynn Host
Ross Spangler
Andrea Ciak
Shoshana Parry
Elaine Pinkernell
Cheryl Wolff
Sandy Feder
Antonia Lawson
Sylvia Chesson
Laurel Grace
Ann Wagenhals
Susan Press
Bruce Pizzichillo Dari Gordon
Lyn Swan
Jane Peterman
Bonnie Belt
Margaret Norman
Suellen Fowler
Leah Bowring
Linda S. Fitzgibbon
Michael and Christine Adcock